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Thanksgiving Table Decoration For Kids Questions Answered!

  1. What is a good way for a 13 year old to help at Thanksgiving?

    This year I would really like to help out at Thanksgiving this year. I haven't ever really been much of a help, and this year I feel like I should. Are there anyways that I could help out? I want to help prepare the meal, set the table, etc. What should I do exactly?

  2. Restaurant suggestions in the Bay Area, which ones are terrific for a family Christmas meal?

    In case early reservations are needed, Im looking for a special restaurant, lots of lights and decorations, very festive which kids would really enjoy. Formal dress is fine and price is not a concern. Do any of the nicer hotels hotels (St. Francis, eg.) offer something? South Bay, East Bay or San Fran area.

  3. What to do for my grandma on Thanksgiving?

    Well I really want to help my grandma out more this Thanksgiving! She lost her job this year, my grandpas been in and out of the hospital, bills are starting to stack up alot now, and so of course she is really stressed. She is one of those old school Mexicans who doesn't like help though and she tries to act like it doesn't afftect her, but I'm a smart kid, I can tell. Anyway,this year all her kids (my 3 uncles and mom) pitched in and bought something for our Thanksgiving feast (well more then they usually have in the past). I usually spend the night at her house Tuesday- Sunday the week of Thanksgiving (the days we have for Thanksgiving break @ school) that week and help her get everything prepped and cooked (but since I'm the first grandkid she still sees me as a baby and doesn't let me do too much). I also (along with my dad) make all the pies and other baked goods. However, I want to do something more this year, I was thinking decorations or making the mashed potatos (I have a killer recipe!) and I already told her I got my allowance again this week(I got it taken away for twoo weeks... its $20) so I'd buy something if she still needs it. IDK what I want to do but I'm open to any ideas (I'm 13 really crafty, and a really good cook and baker) I just really want to do whatever I can to get all this stress off of her even if its only for a day you know? Thanks! if u suggest decorations what kind? any links?

  4. Need ideas for combining my 30th and my son's 2nd birthday parties... ?

    I'm turning 30 and my youngest son is turning 2 and our birthday's are 4 days apart. I don't want to ask our family and friends to attend 2 separate parties so I need some good themes to combine them both. I was thinking of a Medievel party, queen and prince but I'm not sure... I'm big into party themes so any suggestions would be great!