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Easy Thanksgiving Table Decoration Questions Answered!

  1. Thanksgiving First Birthday?

    My daughter's first birthday is on Thanksgiving day this year. My husband and I want to do a thanksgiving themed party the weekend before. The invites will say something like: "We're so thankful for all the fun, Our little turkey is turning one!" We want snack foods, appetizers, and hors devours that play off a traditional thanksgiving meal, only easy to make and easy to eat! Any ideas of foods or decoration or party favors? Any suggestions of anything to do with this party I would love!

  2. thanksgiving food... Hosting our first? please help?

    this Thanksgiving is the first that my husband and I are hosting ( and our first as married)... so i need help IDEAS on what type of food i should serve... I know Turkey, Ham , mashed potato pies and well i just want to make sure i don't forget anything... my sister is very picky and if i do something wrong she'll be sure to point it out ugh, well so yeah the questions is What food ( sides, desserts drinks ect) should i have for Thanksgiving? and ideas for table decorations too please if you can seating about 8 or 10 i think im trying to hard to please every one LOL :)

  3. Cats and Christmas?

    "Oh! What is this giant green thing...it's sparkly...I think I will chew it!" <-my cats thought process Ok, I have a small apartment and two cats. One is a big lazy lump and the other one....well....my favorite phrase about him is "what is he into NOW!?" I put up my Christmas tree this weekend, put it on a 2ft high sturdy table, duct taped the base to the table, and wired the top to the ceiling. I put it in their favorite window so they can look at the lights close without being IN the tree. They can tell that the fake tree branches are not strong enough to support them; I watched them test the branches and then give up. I have not decorated it yet, and I have not bought anything to decorate it yet. I need help! I already know no tinsel and unbreakable ornaments; small lights are less breakable than large, and to keep the wires in the center of the tree to keep chew temptation down. What I am stuck on is garland. I can’t do ribbon or any of the tinsel like garland. I have also discovered that they like to attack fake flowers… and my Thanksgiving centerpiece suffered. They will obviously eat anything like threaded popcorn or nuts. I can not lock them in another room at any point (again, small place - the bedroom houses a hamster and fish). This is my first Christmas away from home and my first Christmas with Cats – any tips (tree or other) you can give me would be a huge help! spray bottle does not work with the terror! I am at the point that I spray him with the hose on the sink when he jumps on the counter and he just looks at me funny....he will sit there drying his bum but will not get off the counter!

  4. Thanksgiving idea's ?

    ok this is my 1st time doing a thanksgiving dinner on my own. anyways i have 7 people coming to dinner :( i have a 12 pound turkey do you think that enough? and im gunna have mashed potato's. any good ways of making turkey gravey?? and should i have whole cerneal corn or creamed corn? and any good recipes for stuffing?? and what else should i have with it? i also have cranberry's what kinda drink should i have? Milk, Kool-Aid, Pop?

  5. How do I create thanksgiving/fall scents at home using no candles?

    I currently live in South Korea, and as they don't celebrate Thanksgiving here, it's impossible to find any kind of holiday scented things for the fall. I'm a bit of a holiday freak, and I've decided to host a (pseudo) Thanksgiving dinner for my Canadian/American friends, and I'd love to create a nice festive smell in my apartment, but I don't have any candles or scented items to use. Any suggestions for easy ways to create a nice scent? Thanks! Just in addition - Any suggestions for simple, cheap decorations I can make at home would be great as well.. I really want my place to be festive.. perhaps ideas for a wreath or something. There isn't really a craft store or anything around.. I can get glue, scissors, construction paper, ribbon... that's about it. Eek! Any help would be really appreciated!