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Thanksgiving Table Decoration Images Questions Answered!

  1. Outside wedding in september of 2010 need help with decorations ideas?

    I am getting married in september of 2010 it will be a outside wedding followed by a pig roast/BBQ but i am sure what i should do for decorations or wedding favors are colors are red, blue and orange. my fiance was thinking of getting pumpkins and carving are names in them but what else could i do. i am not sure what kind of flowers i should use we were also thinking of getting white lights and stringing. them around the tent so please any ideas or web sites would be great thanks and know i still have a while but i like to plan ahead and i am also planning on making all the favors and things myself

  2. Christmas Survey (:?

    1. What is your favorite holiday beverage? 2. When do you start wrapping gifts? 3. Favorite Christmas food? 4. Any favorite traditions? 5. Have you ever spent a Christmas in someplace other than home? 6. Would you rather have it snow of be sunny of Christmas day? 7. Which do you like better, Christmas Day or Eve? 8. Have you ever had a sleigh ride (with the snow, horses, etc?) 9. Like or dislike busy shopping malls during the holiday season? 10. Do you have a specific pair or pajamas you wear on Christmas Eve? 11. Do you leave out cookies and milk for Santa? 12. Describe a scene that completely defines "Christmas" to you 13. When do you start christmas shopping? 14. Does any one special (like family e.g.) come over ?