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Easter Table Decoration Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What should I make with my glitter glue?

    I have a lot of glitter glue, like, 5 whole bottles of it in different colors. I want to make something really cool, something that isn't a waste of time, artistic skill, and glitter glue. I have other supplies to use too, like: paper, hot glue (I have glittery hot glue, too), glitter glue, pencils, pens, markers, crayons, shalk, note cards, yarn, lots of beads, and some stickers. If you find anything time consuming and utterly cool, please tell me about it so I can put my craft tools to use! Thanks!

  2. Does anyone know of any websites I can check for ideas on how to decorate a studio apartment?

    I would like my studio to have a contemporary style to it

  3. Decoration ideas for a safety meeting?

    I work at a grocery store and we are having a safety meeting and I am incharge of decorations. I need some ideas of what I can do. I need simple easy to do suggestions that will look nice.

  4. Need an idea for a photography final project? Has to be cohesive?

    Has to be of my family, six rolls can be taken....I would like to do a roll (36) each of a different thing. Ex: I had an idea to photograph the dinner table, people making food, etc as one roll. Other photo ideas? Easter is coming up... B&W photos, need 10 cohesive ones total

  5. Birthday Party Help?

    I am really stressing out, Of course i have left it very last minute. I am planning my birthday party I'm in late teens. I have decided on the theme: Mad Hatter Tea Party. I want to host it in my house. I have a small garden though. But quite a big Kitchen. I'm on a tight budget so any fun games to play or activities to do. I have access to the downs, large grass areas in the middle of the city. Yet really would prefer in my house. Please help with any ideas.

  6. I"m having a very very informal wedding I need help with decorations.?

    I'm getting married the day before Easter, I'm just having a family friend who is a preacher do the ceremony in a banquet room. We will have lunch there and then have the ceremony. At max 20 people will be there. Since its spring I want to use a blue and green that go together I don't really know how to describe them. Any ideas?

  7. Tell me about your wedding?

    I just love weddings...could you tell me about yours??? I'm planning mine and would like some ideas! :) Thanks!

  8. Please Help! Need Ideas For A Mad Hatters Tea Party...?

    I am hoping to throw a mad hatter tea party for my 18th! Hopefully it will go well but I need help with a few ideas - Can anyone please suggest some ideas for decorations foods games alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks invites etc. All suggestions will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!!

  9. Craft ideas for table decorations, I have materials you tell me what to make?

    I'm trying to save money on my wedding and make my own wedding table decorations. We have a red theme for the wedding and also roses. As the weddign is at Easter we also have lots of Mini eggs. I have brought red plates and red bowls to go on the plates which I thought the mini eggs could go in, and I thought i could put flowers around the bowl, unfortunately getting the amount of flowers needed (artificial) could get expensive. Has anyone got any ideas over how I could decorate these bowls and plates, all ideas welcome.

  10. Does anyone know where I can get cheap wedding items........?

    I'm on a very tight budget, and I don't mind making my own flowers, and decorations. But I need to get a hold of some catalogs to look thru. Anyone have any ideas to where I can get cheap but nice invitations, etc........

  11. Easter themed craft ideas?

    What sort of crafts can I do with kids aged 4 - 10 based around Easter? I thought of painting hollowed out eggs, but are there any other things I could do?

  12. Help with a surprise birthday party?

    ok so my best friend is turning 16 and i wanted to throw her a surprise party. It would really mean alot to her and i know that she would love it. The only problem is that i have no idea how to throw a "cool" party. I really want people to go and afterwords say wow that was a really cool party. She has a guest house that we can use for the location so i have that covered i just need to know like what to do and everything. Thank you to all serious answers

  13. babyshower help!!?

    I'm co-hosting a babyshower, and planning on the theme being birds/flowers. Any ideas what to use/make for the centerpiece, and other decorations? We obviously would like bird nests of some sort, but how would we go about making them, and what to put in them, etc. Any suggestions!?

  14. I need some tips for a wedding under 5,000?

    me and my fiancee don't make that much money so we were thinking of having a budget for 5,000 to spend on our wedding.

  15. table decoration help?

    Going to have a fairly small wedding reception probably 50-75 people. For my tables i'm trying to decide between #1 those floating candles in glass bowls with rose petals on the table with the favors all around, #2 a love bird centerpiece in the middle of the table with rose petals and favors or #3 since it will be near easter, easter baskets in the middle of the tables with rose petals and favors. Below is a picture of the centerpiece i mentioned in #2. Please i need lots of thoughts, comments and suggestions. Thanks http://www.orientaltrading.com/application?namespace=search&origin=searchMain.jsp&event=button.search&Ntt=in3%2F1042&Ntk=all&Ntx=mode%2Bmatchallpartial&N=0