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Easter Table Decorations Questions Answered!

  1. What are some good ways to incorporate chocolate brown into my pastel wedding?

    My flowers are white and pastels. My dress is white. I like chocoate brown though too but don't want it to dominate the light spring wedding feel. I've tried finding pictures like this without any luck. Any suggestions? Brown table overlays, chair sashes, napkins or bows maybe? Please help me visualize.

  2. This will be my first Easter to have family over. I know what I am cooking and about the decorations and?

    Easter Egg Hunt but what, if anything else do I need to think about before finalizing the plans?

  3. What are some sensory experiences for toddlers based on spring?

    I can't tihnk of any sensory experiences, or any experiences at all for toddlers based on spring. I don't know what I could do/make.

  4. What sort of craft can I make with plastic eggs (the ones with the lids that knee highs come in)?

    I have dozens of these plastic eggs in my drawer. I keep looking at them thinking that I'll be inspired, but so far, nothing. Can anyone send a little creative energy in my direction and help me figure out something to make with these eggs?

  5. Is Thanksgiving overlooked in America?It seems to go right from Halloween to Christmas! Is it not important?

    I love this holiday, and im a debate with my friend over whether or not it is overlooked! I dont think it is, but he seems to disagree. Christmas does seem to come sooner every year. They had decorations out last month at Kohls!! What do you think?

  6. what is the green party and what do they do and reprisent?

    im in 9th grade and in our history class we are having a presidential debate and im the candidate for the green party. i dont really know that much about them and what they stand for, what they would do if they were president, so id really like an informative summary of what the green party does. this is really important so PLEASE HELP!!

  7. Senior Citizens: What will you be doing this Easter?

    Do any seniors celebrate the holiday in some way? With my being the eldest in my family, there are no more family dinners, no little ones for egg hunts, no egg coloring, and it's just another day celebration wise. If I hard boil some eggs, I won't be dying them. But by golly, I will get a hollow chocolate bunny. I just have to bite some ears off of something.

  8. Useful things to use as a basket in a giftbasket?

    Baskets aren't something useful or that will be used again. What's something to put the goodies in that can be a gift itself, like a cooking pot or something...?

  9. List of Things Needed For Church Wedding?

    I need a complete list of things I will need for a church wedding in such short time. We plan on getting married sometime this year May or June. So can you guys please help me out? Thanks and God Bless!

  10. What percentage of your total wedding cost did you spend on your church and reception decorations and supplie:

    Please include the following purchases/rentals in your percentage: Centerpieces/candles/candelabras/archways/guestbook supplies/rental cake/knife set/wine glasses/flowergirl basket/ringbearer pillow/cake topper/pew bows/pillars/unity candle holder/moneybox.

  11. Did you know half-price Valentine candy and decore make some great Wedding decorations?

    You can get cute heart shaped boxes of candy for wedding favors and table decorations, garlands, heart shaped candles, everything! Plan ahead!