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Easter Table Decoration Pictures Questions Answered!

  1. what to get my mom for her birthday (tomorrow)?

    she loves to shop and when shes in a store she usually leaves with more than one item PLEASE HELP!!!

  2. Wanting to create a wedding website, inspiring others to have a wedding on small budget?

    I got married four months ago and had a wedding way under $10,000. I had a beautiful church wedding with 118 guest. I felt that people wouldn't think that I could even pull this off. Most weddings start at $20,000 and up these days. I really worked hard on putting this elegant wedding together and also realizing how important my marriage is. That's why I chose to not spend so much money on our wedding. We got married in April and our church was decorated for Easter with lots of flowers. It was beautiful! We had reception in a beautiful old hall with a buffet dinner, DJ, wedding cake, decorations (which were borrowed), flowers (bought wholesale), vases (free because I owned them), hand-made wedding favors (hand-made by me), a ring pillow that I made, a guest book with cute pens (free because I owned them), pictures on each table of my husband and I (free because I owned them too) and more. I made all our wedding invitations by hand and everyone thought they were beautiful. I also made all the save-the-date cards by hand too. We rented nice chairs for the reception and we also rented glasses, and wine glasses too. Our hall provided us with glass plates and silverware. We had a bartender as well who was a friend of my brothers. She used to work at bar part-time. All our drinks were bought at a local wine store in town. I made my own veil to match my beautiful $200.00 dress. We had a professional photographer take pictures. Her and husband take pictures at weddings to make a little extra money. For $500 I got 600 beautiful wedding photos. The wedding turned out great and people had a lot of fun. I'd to been to many weddings that were expensive. I was so happy to know that I could pull this wedding off for way less then all those expensive weddings I had been too. Were so happy our wedding was way under $10,000. I did an Excel spread sheet to figure out all our wedding cost. I would like to start a website and to share my wedding ideas with everyone. I would like to share with them ideas on how to budget for a wedding using Excel and Microsoft word. I would also like to share with others on how to make elegant save-the-date cards, wedding invitations, wedding favors and more. I think other couples getting married would love to know they too can afford to have a wedding under budget if they work really hard to make it happen. I would love to inspire others who were in my same boat to have a wedding they can afford. Where do I start? How do I go about making a website? I want to make a website that is not free and will not get shut down.

  3. What cool things did you do for your baby's first birthday party? and what do you think of my ideas?

    My son is turning one August 18th and I want to start planning what all I'm going to do for the party. I know that he wont know what's going on or anything but I would still like it to be very special so that later on in his life he(or I, since he's a boy) can enjoy the video and pictures. I was thinking I could buy construction paper, paint, stickers, markers, scrapbook stuff, etc. etc. and everyone could decorate one, have it be a cool way to make a guest book. Use a three hole punch and put it in a binder along with pictures or something for memories of who all came to his first birthday. I could make one just for him, his daddy could, grandma's, grandpa's, aunts, uncle... Something more personal than just a Halmark card. I'm going with a frog theme because he always has his legs up next to his body like a little frog. I've called him "my little frog" since he was born so frogs have always just stuck. I buy him frog stuffed animals, clothes with frogs on them, and he has a giant frog bath toy holder that sticks to the wall so a frog theme is special to me. I'm going to make a frog cake for everyone else to eat then buy a little cake with a frog on it to use for his smash cake. Green decorations, plates, napkins, table cover, cups, balloons. Maybe green juice and call it "Bug Juice" At Hobby Lobby I saw little rubber frogs that I could use as decoration and then give out when people start leaving. I'd like other ideas or suggestions of what to do. I don't really know what all to do at a first birthday party... Is it just show up mingle a little bit, have cake, then do presents and that's it? What did you all do for your child's first birthday? Thank you everyone!!! I appreciate all your answers :) -Caden's Mommy

  4. Wedding Themes! Best Answer To The Person Who Explains The Best!!!!!?

    One of my BFF's and I were playing a game. And she asked me what themes I would like my wedding to be. I immediately answered beach-love theme with pink, blue, maybe purple and white. She said she would love purple, blue and white. So I was thinking what would other people like so I'm asking you all.

  5. Christmas and decorating?

    Well I know this is a bit early for Christams questions, but what are some creative ideas? Well I have heard of wrapping presents with comics! I want my christmas to be cool this year. By the way I am about 13 and am kinda low budget, but I would love to hear your ideas-pricy or not! Give me ideas for wrapping gifts-decorating ideas-and anything else you can think of. Also is their anyway I can make my own wrapping paper? Thanks in advance 4 ur cool ideas, Kristen!!!