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Easter Table Decoration For Church Questions Answered!

  1. How do other countries celebrate easter?


  2. Easter Colors???? ?

    What are some Easter colors?????  plz answer my other questions too! 

  3. Fun Easter activities for a family of teenagers?

    My mom died when I was ten, and since then, all of our traditions kind of stopped. I want to do something special this easter, but I don't know what would be cool for teenagers. Its just me, (15), my 2 brothers (16 and 18), and my dad. My oldest brother (27) is moved out with a two-year old girl. I don't know if he'll bring her over Sunday or not. My other brother may or may not be home too. He's 23 and lives with us, but he's in and out too much to tell. What's something fun that we can all do, maybe even go somewhere or invite friends to come too. I just want it to actually seem like Easter for a change!

  4. I am so upset! Why do people find the bad in what I do? I want to just give up.?

    I love my church and so much enjoy doing things for my church. Please don't judge me but I make the weekly bulletins, decorate the bulletin board, decorate the altar table, clean the church every week, make the tithing envelopes. I decorated for Easter and decided to use the theme of flowers: He's the lily of the Valley, Jesus, Rose of Sharon, etc. The church has a figurine of a crown on thorns and I didn't want to use that as a decoration piece. I'm not denying my belief in that, I just wanted to go with the flower theme. So my mom calls me up and made a big issue of not displaying the crown of thorns and I'm at the point to tell her she can take over the decorating. She always has to find fault with this or that and everyone else loves the decorations. I'm doing the best I can and it's like it's never good enough for her. What to do?

  5. April Wedding - How do people choose their colors...and everything else?!?

    we have a wedding date planned for april 20th. i have little time and lots to figure out! how do people pick their colors and flowers and such and tie them in with the month they are marrying? how do people plan anything? it will be a small hometown wedding in a small church and i plan on keeping things simple like i live. no fancy princess wedding for me. it is the vernal equinox and i plan on having flowers in my hair with a neato hemp dress. but after that, i'm at a loss. any and all suggestions from y'all would be great! it will be held in northwest arkansas if that makes any difference. inexpensive ideas are welcome also. very welcome as a matter of fact! :D

  6. Creative People: Spring Wedding?

    My fiance and I want to have our wedding in the month of April on the day he and I first started going out. Unfortunately, British weather has a reputation for being wet, windy and cold, even in the summer so I'm not getting my hopes up on a sunny spring day. However, I do want to make the wedding and, springy, as possible so I'm going to include lots of pink blossom in the decoration and I was thinking of scattering pairs of those little chicks you see cheap in Poundland every Easter, one with a black, felt bow tie and one with a white veil. (Too tacky?) I was wondering if anybody else had some interesting ideas? Nothing has been planned so ideas on the cake, decorations, themes, reception will be useful. The only two things I'm sure about is 1) I want the bridesmaid dresses to be some shade of grees and, 2) The wedding will be taking place at my local Church so I can't go abroad for it until the Honeymoon. :)