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Easy Easter Table Decoration Questions Answered!

  1. Help- Does my ideas for a 2 year olds birthday party sound lame?

    I'm new to kids parties and don' have a lot of money to spend... My age range is mostly 1 and 2 year olds with a 3 year old a 5 year old and a couple 7-10. I am planning to get little colorful paper gift bags and let the kids decorate them with stickers, crayons and markers when they come in. Then eat pizza, I am planning an egg hunt so they can take their bags and go out to collect a bag full of goodies, when they come back they can open all their goodies, have cake, open presents then the parties over. Does that sound lame? I know it seems a little weird to do an egg hunt in the middle of august but my son adores egg hunting and I think all the little ones will enjoy it too. Does it seem too weird to other parents? Also I have no idea how to theme the party, I was thinking of no theme-just doing random things my son enjoys like a school bus cake and monster truck balloons, bubbles things like that. I wonder if its just too all over the place with random theme decorations and an Easter game?

  2. Can anyone help me find a cheap place for a 5yr old girl's birthday party?

    My daughter is turning 6 in February, (i know im early). I want her to have a party with her friends. I was never allowed to have friends at my party until i was 16 so i want her to have her friends with her. Unfortunatly, there's 25 kids in her class, and then include parents, cuz im not watching all of them. Plus we have a large family with roughly 25 adults and another additional 13 kids or so. This is going to be a mess. I don't have a ton of money but I really want everyone to have a good time. My apartment is too small and my parents don't want it at their house. I've looked at Chuck-E-Cheese, Gymnastics places, Museums, Bowling Alleys, Zoo, Jeepers, Blow-Up Bouncing places, YMCA, pavilion at the Beach, CJ Barrymores, Arcades, the Movies, Lasertag. Can anyone think of anything else? I live in Mt Clemens, MI and my family is from Harper Woods to Waterford to China Township. We are spread so that is good but I still can't find anything $10per person or under would be ideal. build a bear i thought of, but is it appropriate for older boys too? like 7yr old boys? i was a little skeptical. and the other resonse, my apartment has limited parking for 1, which totally sucks and its only a 2 bedroom. where would everyone sit and such? i don't think i can accommodate even just the family. plus everyone would get into everything.. Everyone in my family always invites the whole family. No guarantee everyone will show but thats what we do. I can have a separate party for just friends, but then thats 2 times the cost. No one will come during the week either. I go to school so those nights im busy and i watch my friends kids one of the nights. Plus almost everyone works the next day. son typically people dont come out on a sunday either... There's an idea... So lets say I hold off on the friends thing till she's at least, at least in 1st grade. Do I cut out some of the family too? because its seriously just aunts/uncles (which show) cousins (which are too busy to come) and their kids (who i need to count until confirmed that they are not coming because my budget depends on it.). Rick S, are you coming over to help? I already dedicate her actual birthday to her and we do what ever she wants, so we can do something like that on her birthday, but her party is a little different.