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Wedding Table Decor Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. I'm having a black, white and yellow color scheme for my wedding - Got any ideas?

    I have chosen black, white and bright yellow as the color scheme for my wedding. I am looking for some ideas on table center pieces and unique decor ideas. Any inspiration?

  2. What can I do with my left over wedding easels?

    I have 14 silver decorative easels that I used for my wedding tables and I was wondering if any one had any ideas about what I could use the easels for?

  3. What do you think of my wedding favours idea?

    I'm thinking of teaming my wedding favors to my autumn decor, dried orange, tea coloured roses and pine cones, and making a rose petal and orange liqueur in little bottles for the guests. Perhaps with the addition of some cinnamon. What do you think?

  4. What are some inexpensive wedding centerpiece ideas?

    I am having a blue and brown colored wedding, possibly with some pink and/or orange thrown in here and there. What are some inexpensive table centerpiece ideas that could incorporate those? Has anyone found any really good websites for this? Thanks!

  5. What are some ideas for "tropical" decorations for a reception??

    We are getting married in Jamiaica and want to bring the fun home at the reception and want to keep it tropical..any ideas on flowers, table decor, anything??

  6. What colours would be suitable for a garden wedding?

    Ok I plan to have an afternoon garden wedding which will go into the night, but i have no idea on what colour scheme to go with? I'm looking for something simple yet elegant and different. Also, help on the table decor and flowers will also be appreciated! thanks

  7. What are some good ideas for a wedding reception when the couple met online?

    My fiancé and I met playing online poker, then we developed our relationship over the computer. We're going to have a poker-themed groom's cake. Everyone knows we met online, but most don't realize it was through poker, so doing a lot of poker-themed stuff wouldn't really make as much sense to people. I've seen some cute ideas for cake toppers, but we've already chosen our cake decor. Any ideas of what we could have at the reception to give a nod at our online love?

  8. How do you decide what kind of fabric to use for your wedding decor?

    I have no idea how to decide what kind of fabrics to order my Chair Covers, Sashes, Table Cloths, Table Runners, Napkins, and anything else I may need for our wedding in. On a few sites I've been looking at the choices are Polyester or Satin. How do I know which to order? Should I be picking something else? Should everything be the same fabric? How do you know what to to choose? Does anyone have a site they've ordered from and been satisfied with or have ones they've had bad experiences with? (I am in Canada if that makes any difference ;) )

  9. Planning a cinderella wedding need reception centerpiece ideas?

    I am planning my dream cinderella wedding but i am stumped when it comes to my reception center pieces for the tables. I tried finding glass slipper candles but no one has any anywhere! I need some amazing ideas please help!!!!!!

  10. How much did you spend ob your wedding decor and what did it include? ?

    Please advise the number of guests at your wedding. Just wanna get a general idea of how much it costs.

  11. Can I have separate themes for my wedding ceremony and reception?

    My colors are turquoise and brown. I am using that for dresses I'm having made and the flower arrangements I making. I'm also making elegant tree branches with lights and ornaments for the ceremony. The reception, however, is themed as a tea party and we are setting each table up with a different tea set theme (japan, vietnam, garden, english, victorian, so on...) The problem is that that reception will have lots of different colors. How should I organize the two themes so that it doesn't look scattered and unorganized?

  12. I am planning a surprise 25th wedding anniversary and vow renewal for my parents?

    I know that they want a party because I have discussed this with them in the past. Should I have a similar theme as their original wedding, recreating a very intimate and happy time for them, or should I go with the more traditional silver theme and make it more of a casual party. I know my parents would be happy with either but I need more opinions as my only other sibling is a child.

  13. How to prepare to have a reception in your backyard?

    Has anyone ever had their wedding or quinceanera or sweet sixteen or any other formal reception? how did you guys decorate and plan for this. Since banquet halls are very expensive in my city I'll be having my quinceanera in my backyard. I plan to invite a good amount of people and have a dj and we will be dancing. So what's a good time to end so cops wont bust in? Any suggestions on what to do and how to start planning. My party wont be until next April Thanks

  14. What should I use to put my wedding centerpiece on top of?

    I'm having a wine & grapes themed wedding, and I'm using decorated wine bottles, wine glass gel candles and a basket filled with real grapes for each table. I was going to use a mirror to put all of these on top of, but I'm only using one candle, so I wonder if anyone has a better idea for all of this. Any help is very much appreciated! Thank you!

  15. How Involved should my fiance be in planning the wedding?

    I'm in the process of trying to get ideas for the wedding and my fiance isn't receptive nor does he have any input... I'm in the military and because of our circumstances we can't set a date, but at the same time we may have to do something very short notice and I want to have things ready to go just in case we have to do it on the fly. I want to be prepared and he doesn't seem to be worried at all and it's driving me bonkers.. I'm not picking fights, but I'm frustrated. HELP!