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Fall Wedding Table Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. how to incorporate hockey into a fall wedding?

    We are planning a fall wedding and he would like to try to incorporate a hockey element in there - any ideas? It can be with favors, ceremony, reception, anything - we really are starting from square one here.

  2. How to have a cute fall wedding that is not too country-ish?

    I want to have a fall wedding, but most fall weddings are very rustic and look very country. I would like it to be elegant, yet charming and relaxed (not too formal). My colors are royal blue and deep orange. Any cute autumn wedding ideas?

  3. What do you think of my wedding favor idea?

    Okay, so my bf and I had this cool idea for our wedding favors, when we get married! We would like to have a fall/Halloween wedding. Keeping it on the classier side. We thought of having a big Jack O lantern all cleaned out and put an assortment of candies inside. Then each person, along with their placement cards, will get a small plastic pumpkin candy holder to put candy in from the Center pumpkin on the table.

  4. Is it proper for guests to assume the centerpieces at our reception are theirs to take home?

    I am using wrought iron open pumpkins with a votive inside for my fall wedding and would like to use them to later decorate our home or give to my aunts or my fiancé’s relatives that I am close to. In some cases I have more than one person at a table that I would like to receive the centerpiece. How should I handle this? Am I rude for not letting anyone take them or are guests rude to just up and leave with them?

  5. Any ideas for inexpensive table arrangements?

    I am trying to save as much money as possible for our wedding. I would like real flowers on the reception tables, but something small and elegant. Any ideas? Its a fall themed wedding.

  6. How can I use pumpkins in my wedding?

    Normally, I'm very against the cliche wedding stuff--but for my fall wedding, I'd like to use pumpkins somewhere. Only, I don't know how. I'm having a dessert and cocktail reception and a small chapel wedding. Any ideas?

  7. What party favor should I give out for my sister's wedding shower?

    I'm hosting my sister's wedding shower and I'm stumped on what to give out as favors to the party guests. My sister is having a fall themed wedding and she adores western decor and I want to incorporate both of those into the shower. So really, I want to know if anyone has any ideas on how to pull this off and do it as cheap as possible. Thanks in advance!!

  8. Navy and gold wedding ideas needed please?

    Not the nautical version, just for Fall. Any ideas to help us plan our forever togetherness. Guys if you have any ideas too that would be helpful. These are the colors we have finally chosen and they look great together. Looking forward to reading your ideas on whatever you can give us.

  9. Fall Wedding we want to do something different, any ideas?

    Want any ideas to make our wedding different. Example: guys attire not in black, groom to stand out more. I'm sure there are alot of ideas to help us out. Our girls will be in burgundy dresses.

  10. Anyone got any ideas for my camo wedding?

    My fiance and I are planning a fall wedding with a camo theme. My dress is camo, his vest, the table clothes, etc. Hes an avid fisherman and I love to hunt so were trying to incorporate that into our wedding. I want a classy wedding just camo! Any ideas are greatly appreciated!! My Dress isnt all camo! Its white with camo ribbon. And the table bothes are gonna be a light tan with a camo topper on them. It wont be over kill.

  11. Does anyone have a good idea for homemade wedding favors for a fall-themed wedding?

    I was hoping to spend a dollar or less per person. I wouldn't mind making jam or maple syrup and filling bottles with these. I am looking for other ideas as well, though.

  12. What ideas do you have for centerpieces with ivy plants?

    I'm getting married in March 2010 we have a limited budget.How about of ivy plants with a few roses in them. Our colors are burgundy and ivory. What's your opinion on that idea? If you have any other ideas I could use that would be appreciated. Thanks

  13. We want to have a small wedding in Ohio?

    We live in Marion Ohio and want to have a fall wedding in 4 months. We will have less than 100 people there. We want to have it somewhere pretty and easy for our guest to get to any ideas?

  14. How do I ask a complete stranger if I can use their yard for my wedding?

    My future wife has found 2 pieces of property in our area that she thinks are "perfect." The problem I have is that I do not know the people that own either property nor do I have any idea how I would go about asking. Do I offer a fee upfront, do I just stop by, what do you think? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  15. What do you think about us not having an official Wedding photographer?

    We're trying to keep to a very tight budget, so a family member offered to take all the "family" and posed shots for us. We're also thinking about setting up some sort of photo booth and letting it be known that we'd really appreciate any guests who take photos send them all to us so we have a complete record of the night to pick through and decide what we want to print. Any ideas and thoughts are appreciated!

  16. What are some good reception decorating ideas?

    I want something elegant and very creative.. Something that would impress everyone and so the reception would look really nice ..The main color is probably gonna be dark teal (don't know second color yet) Any ideas , pictures, or websites?