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Cheap Wedding Table Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. How cheap could you pull off a wedding without it looking cheap in so cal?

    I want to get married but for the cost of weddings now a days I could put a down payment on a house. Yet I don’t want to give up my dream. Any ideas on how to pull off a cheap wedding?

  2. Where could I get a cheap wedding gown?

    I just got engaged and I want a wedding, but I don't want an expensive ceremony or reception! I've been looking online and the only place I can find a cheap wedding gown is on David's Bridal website. I am just looking for a dress that in under $500, because we are paying for the wedding ourselves. Also if you have any tips to keep the wedding costs down I would greatly appreciate it!

  3. Can anyone suggest ideas for reception table centerpieces that are $20 or less?

    We have fifteen guest tables, a twenty-four foot long wedding party table, and an eighteen foot long buffet table to adorn. Between tablecloths, overlays, chair covers, sashes, dinnerware, bouquets, gowns, shoes, hair, makeup, VENUE (lol), caterer, and photographer, we are wayyyyy over budget. :) I am going to attempt to go slightly cheap on centerpieces if possible. Can anyone help?

  4. What is a really, really cheap table centerpiece that would be enjoyed by all?

    My fiance and I are paying for the majority of our wedding ourselves. We have the menu, venue, etc. figured out. However we are having trouble agreeing on what type of center pieces to have. We have 5 available tables that we want to decorate. I don't want to go with candles or anything because our wedding is going to be outside. Any unique, spring-like, cheap, romantic, fairy-tale like ideas? Our wedding colors are just about every color of pink and white. Thanks for your help

  5. What are some ideas for food to be served at a wedding that can be homemade for 100 guests?

    We have a wedding coming up and the bride and groom want the food to be prepared at home not catered. There will be about 100 people and it is an outside affair. They would like appetizers and a main meal. I like your answers, but I need a main course idea.

  6. Bday Party- What are good things to decorated all the picnic tables with?

    I'm covering them all with table cloths, but the plates and cups and things will be on the food table, so the picnic tables will all be bare. What are some good things to put on them to make them look nicer?

  7. What are some good wedding venues in jacksonville, hilliard, yulee, or fernandina florida?

    I am trying to plan a wedding on quite a tight budget and don't necesarily want to have to opt for a beach wedding like everyone else. But I still want it to be nice at the same time. I have a few months but not really too many. Help please?

  8. What should I give out as wedding favors?

    I have no idea what to give out. I want it to be cheap preferably since the wedding is well kinda expensive but super simple! its casual. Were on a big yacht in lake tahoe, but guys are not wearing tuxes, and girls are wearing knee high dresses as am I, the bride! and our theme is cherry blossoms. So give me suggestions of cheap nice wedding favors! I want it to be acceptable for men, women, young and old, as we have a wide range of guests. 64 people total! Any ideas??

  9. Where can I rent or buy extremely cheap round table cloths for my wedding?

    Where can I rent or buy extremely cheap round 120 table cloths for my wedding? We are covering about 10 round tables.

  10. How to plan a memorable wedding on a tight budget?

    We are getting married this september, and we need everything but the church. We're on an extremely tight budget. I say skip the reception all together he says he wants a semi-formal sit down dinner with all the "traditional" reception values. We both have HUGE families... Any good centerpiece and favor ideas? Any ways to save will be greatly appreciated!

  11. What colors go good with a dark purple wedding?

    I'm thinking dark purple for the bridesmaid dresses but really nerd ideas on what colors and how to decorate our reception.