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Graduation Table Decoration Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. I want to plan a Candy Themed graduation party. Does any one have good decoration ideas?

    Things like favors and table settings.. things like that would be helpful!!! Thanks a bunch!

  2. How do you throw a music themed 18th birthday / graduation party?

    I'm turning 18 the week I graduate from high school and wanted to throw a music themed party but I have no idea how to! Where should I have it? How do I decorate? How do I get the theme to be prevalent? Any and all ideas are welcome. Thanks! I guess I should mention it'll probably revolve around country music/piano/guitar/singing stuff like that... Taylor Swift is my favorite if that helps

  3. Do you have any ideas for a candy-themed birthday party for a 14 year old?

    I am having a birthday party. I need some ideas still.. About anything, decorations, games, anything

  4. What should i do for my graduation party?

    I'm having a graduation party (from high school) and i need some awsome ideas. My family and friends will all be there so i want to be able to keep them all entertained when i'm not around. please list any ideas, or anything that worked for you. :]

  5. What's a good graduation party game using classes I've taken?

    I am graduating college w/ my Bachelor's degree. I've taken 71 classes, and I wanted to incorporate the names of all my classes into some kind of decoration or game at my graduation party. I thought of make a collage or put each one on a piece of paper and hanging them from the ceiling, but I'm not that crazy about either of those ideas. I can't think of a game or activity for them. I just need ideas. Got any?

  6. What are some cool cheap summer party decoration ideas for the yard?

    like lights candles stuff like that or what can i make myself???

  7. Any ideas for a 50's theme graduation party?

    Any tips or decorations that i can have and make please let me know! Thank u! =]

  8. What are some Interesting facts about you?

    cos I am writing my profile for our engineering graduation yearbook and I was wondering what to write in the section interesting facts about myself? I won a sport competition no-one knows about during the course, I won a karaoke comp once, I dunno what to write, I dont want to look like a show off, what would you put about yourself to give me ideas ? thanks!

  9. Ideas for 18th birthday dance party- music and decorations?

    Its for my 18th bday party... expecting 10-11 people (including me)- I already have a disco ball, and am setting up ipod speakers... any song or playlist suggestions? We all listen to quite a variety of music. Also, I need more decoration ideas. Thinking of giving everyone glowsticks, anythign else you can think of?

  10. How do I ?

    How do I go about organizing a pre-graduation brunch ? Ideas suggestion or complete plans are all appreciated I just can't think of anything cute or fun. Nothing too childish though.

  11. Ocean theme Graduation Party; Ideas for Decorations?

    What are some creative ideas I can use for an ocean/nautical themed grad party? It's like a Greek island theme :) Thankss. Colors are mainly navy blue, white, baby blue. I'm using seashells, starfishes, white sand, etc.

  12. cool Graduation party ideas?

    me and a friend are hosting our high school graduation party in a few weeks. it's a kind of open house, so people come and go whenever. any food, decoration, or other ideas would be amazing. should i have favors for everyone who comes? music playing? if so then what kind?

  13. Need idea's for a frog theme graduation party?

    my daugher doesn't want a traditional grad party.(highschool) She loves frogs and wants to use it as a theme. Need decorating idea's.

  14. Lord of the Rings Party ideas two people?

    Can you give me some party ideas for like, Lord of the Rings? It's kind of like a Sleepover, really. My friends kinda suck and I know only 1 awesome person will go. It's for my 8th grade graduation. Just... can you guys give me sleepover ideas for Lord of the Rings? Like, simple decorations... games... simple food that anyone can make. At bedtime, we'll watch a Lord of the Rings movie. Thank you so much!

  15. Any ideas for a 50's theme for my big brother's graduation party?

    Please any simple things to make for his party like centerpeices, games, invitiations, decorations, or any other ideas please let me know... and it's very soon so i cant order anything online! I want my bro to have a great party! thanx! =] Remember the theme will be 50's!! =]