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Unique Wedding Table Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. WTHEMED wedding table ideas: Unusual, Unique and Oodles of creative ideas and suggestions.?

    THEMED wedding table ideas: Unusual, Unique and Oodles of creative ideas and suggestions. Something you don’t commonly see. My husband to be is Black and Im Parisian my wedding is at the Ritz Carlton Laguna and my colors are purple and mauve . Got any ideas?

  2. Hi, can anyone help me with some unique wedding reception ideas?

    Would anyone be willing to share some unique ideas for a wedding reception? Ideas you have used or have seen at other receptions for decorating tables as well as cake table, using centerpieces, place settings,using unique items for guestbooks, etc. Not the usual stuff you see all the time. I just want to have some unique ideas at mine. Any help would be great! Thanks so much.

  3. I need to know how to prepare disposable trays for the wedding?

    Buying disposable trays for wedding is an important part of planning the wedding reception. Whether having a full sit down dinner or just a simple refreshment buffet, disposable trays for wedding reception should be elegant looking yet cheap enough to afford at the same time.However,how shall we get the recognition of preparing disposable trays for wedding?

  4. What is the best website for planning a wedding?

    I have been to so many different websites but none of them seem to really help me. I am interested in doing lots of DIY stuff for the wedding and just need planning help.My wedding is in June and I have only a handful of concrete plans. Any websites that you recommend??

  5. How are you making your wedding day unique?

    My fiance and I are trying to plan a beautiful wedding on a small budget. I know we can do it! Were both wanting a wedding that is unique and not so cookie cutter like. So were both trying to think outside the box when planning our wedding. What unique ideas are you doing at your wedding?

  6. How are you stimulating your wedding day unique ?

    My groom to be and I are trying to plan a beautiful marriage ceremony on a little budget. I know we can do it! Were both wanting a wedding that is unique and not indeed cookie cutter like. Thus were both essaying to think outside the loge when planning our wedding party. What alone ideas are you doing at your wedding ? .

  7. I need help finding a unique wedding favor?

    I originally wanted personalized whoopee cushions for my wedding favors but it was going to be to expensive. I do not want the traditional candle or bag of candy as a favor. I am looking for something different either practical or humorous. What do you guys think?

  8. How would you make a lavender and red wedding work?

    I'm looking for lots of suggestions. I'm sure our cake topper will be the tragedy & comedy theater masks in red and that the cake will be a faint lavender-colored butter cream with plum colored roses. But I'm still trying to think of ways to incorporate the color. Any suggestions? Something original and unique will def get 10+ points.

  9. What is the coolest thing you have ever done at a wedding reception?

    I would like to come up with some unique ideas for a casual wedding reception. There will be lots of kids there under 10 so maybe that will spark some ideas.

  10. What type of centerpieces can i do for a beach wedding?

    I want to be unique and creative. I really dont want to do the candle and sand thing. But if you guys have good ideas to do with this or others ideas, please write back. Oh and thanks to all of those people that have helped me with my questions. Thanks so much. I dont know how to give thanks to those that have wriiten to me.

  11. What are some unique ideas for a friday night wedding reception?

    We are getting married on a Friday night in November and were hoping for some unique and different ideas (food, cake, drink, whatever). Not going to serve a dinner, just heavy hors d'oevres

  12. What are some unique ways to personalize our wedding and reception?

    I know by choosing things that we like: music, food, flowers, decorations..... I'm just trying to figure out some things that will make our wedding "us". I mean like having a cake topper that looks like us, embroidering our last name initial on the table cloth that the cake sits on, etc. Any ideas? Thanks!

  13. What are some creative ways to use photo's at a wedding?

    I love pictures!! I was wondering if anyone had any interesting and unique ideas to use old photo's of us together and apart at the reception. We are having a slide show, but I'm thinking more decorations/ things people can just look at when they want!

  14. Has anyone got a unique way of using wedding favours to donate to McMillan nurses?

    My daughter is getting married next May, but sadly my son-in-law to be lost his mum to cancer a few years ago. I know that wedding favours are meant to be a reminder of the day and for people to remember, but I would like to do something for him especially as she will be sadly missed on such a lovely occasion. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.