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Decorating Wedding Table Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Would anyone use a service that decorates tables at a party or reception?

    I would like to start a business that decorates tables at weddings or receptions. I know often a florist may provide centerpeices. But I am very artistic and my business would offer to take care of all the tables as far as renting them, providing linens,a centerpiece and placement of all silverware,plates,bowls etc. or whatever else they would like on the table. Would people be interested in using this service?

  2. Any ideas on decorating a wedding ceremony and reception on a budget?

    I need some ideas on decorating my wedding ceremony and reception on a budget but still be nice and elegant maybe some great websites with good prices on things especially for table cloths and skirts also some good do it yourself projects and extra things for guests to do at the reception.Just really any advice or ideas. Anything will be greatly appreciated :) Thank you so much!!!!

  3. Anybody know a site that has pictures of decorated wedding venues?

    I'm looking for a site with lots of pictures of decorated wedding venues and examples. Thanks in advance.

  4. What is inexpensive that I can use for a Bridal Shower centerpiece for the tables?

    Any other ideas on what to decorate the table with to jazz it up?

  5. How do you pull together a wedding look?

    I am having trouble figuring out how to decorate my wedding. I have so many ideas that I want to use in my wedding, but I have no idea how to make any of them mesh. My colors are green, brown, and peach, and I was thinking of going with a bird themed wedding...maybe. I just can't figure out how to pull together the overall look. Any ideas? Know of any websites with good ideas?

  6. What are the best table decorating ideas for long tables at a wedding reception?

    The tables are already supplied with white linen and two ivy bowls for each table by the reception site. We are puting clear glass stones inside the bowl and placing a votive candle holder and candle inside. We are clueless on how else to decorate the tables. The wedding is next summer and our colors are black and white. We are using pink as our accent color.

  7. What do you think about this Christmas wedding idea?

    My fiance and I are thinking about having guest put their gifts under a tree that is decorated in our wedding colors. Is this tacky? I think it is a really neat idea but I don't want to come across rude or anything.

  8. how 2 decorate rectangle wedding tables?

    i need ideas on how 2 decorate rectangle wedding tables. I don't want 2 have candles as im getting married in the middle of summer.

  9. How to decorate a pink and brown wedding?

    My wedding isn't until July 16th 2011. Our wedding colours are brown and pink. We are decorating our own head table. I have no ideas on how to decorate it..so any ideas will be greatly appreciated also pictures as well

  10. Do you have any ideas for inexpensive decorations for a wedding reception?

    I was asked to help someone decorate for their wedding. They still don't have any solid ideas on how to decorate and say they are on a really tight budget. Any suggestions? Their main color is pink. I think their main concern is how to decorate the tables cheaply. The tables are round.

  11. Does anyone have any decorating ideas for a wedding cookout party?

    We are having hamburgers/hot dogs and the usual fixings (baked beans/potato salad). I am looking for any way to decorate my home creatively, yet inexpensively,while continuing with the cookout theme both inside and outside my house.

  12. Need ideas of how to decorate a wedding reception using black, white and red as accent color?

    Ok Im getting married in three months and I am having trouble trying to come up with ideas for centerpieces. My colors are black, white and red as my accent color. I will have 12 round tables. Im using black linens with damask table runners. I would like to use red roses for the centerpieces, but it can be expensive. Also, I need ideas of how to decorate the head table. If anybody has any pictures that i can look at, it will be appreciated.

  13. How to decorate a Mexican restaurant wedding reception?

    I am having a reception on a outdoor patio of the restaurant. The tables will be set up as several long tables next to each other. The restaurant manager said they put Mexican serape tablecloths on the tables. Anyone have ideas for centerpieces etc?