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Winter Wedding Table Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. How should I decorate for a Nutcracker themed bridal shower?

    I am planning a bridal shower for a bride that is having a winter wedding and loves the Nutcracker. I am looking for decorating tips. I was thinking of having the tables decorated with a Nutcracker and lots of candy. I am having trouble finding any ideas or pictures online. I need lots of help on what to do....color scheme, food selections, decorations, etc. Any help would be great! Thanks!!

  2. Can anyone help me with winter wedding reception centerpeice ideas?

    I am thinking about going with ice sculptures w/ our names on them with pillar candles all around on 1/2 the tables, but does anyone have ideas for what I should do for the other 1/2?

  3. Is it possible to have an "elegant" wedding at an aquarium?

    I am thinking about having my winter wedding at an aquarium. I would want to use the colors silver and navy. The aquarium is beautiful, and it is lit up with beautiful aqua tones at night, but I wonder if it will come off as a sophisticated and elegant wedding, or if it will just seem like a fun party?

  4. Does anybody have winter wedding pictures of decorations they can send me?

    My colors are navy blue and silver and I am looking for flower ideas and ideas for the reception. I would really like to see some real life pictures.

  5. What are the most unique winter wedding ideas you have seen?

    I am looking for unique, elegant ideas for a winter wedding.

  6. what are good homemade decoration for a winter wonderland theme?

    my friend is getting married next week. she has no decorations, no money and no plans. i am the maid of honor and it is up to me to save the day. the theme for her wedding is winter wonderland. the colors are blue, white and silver. i need centerpieces, decorations, and bridal party/shower ideas. HELP!

  7. An alternative to courthouse wedding in winter?

    We can't get married til winter this year, and he's getting deployed shortly after that. I hate the idea of a courthouse wedding because a) it seems impersonal to me and b) that is how he married his first wife. Yes he is over her. Yes we are both sure we love each other and want to be together for the rest of our lives. I don't need advice on our relationship I just need ideas on other ways to do weddings that don't require a ton of planning please.

  8. Do you have any tips for planning a budget wedding?

    My boyfriend and I have been engaged for a couple years now. We just had a beautiful baby (She is 10 weeks old now). And I really think it is about time we tied the knot. First of all I have no idea how to plan a wedding! And second of all money is a little tight! Any tips?

  9. What are some unique winter wedding centerpieces?

    I was going to do a wreath with 3 different size candles in them, but candles are just so expensive to be burnt once and then thrown away. Any other ideas? my colors are cranberry, silver, and a hint of black, by the way The reason I will probably be throwing the candles away is because in total, I would need almost 60 candles and what would I do with all that? Even after I try to give them away, I'll still have a bunch left... so I am trying to stay away from that idea.

  10. How can i add a military touch to our wedding?

    my husband is enlisted in the Navy and we would like to tie some military touches and traditions into our wedding.i have only been able to find officer traditions are there any for enlisted? the colors of our wedding are teal and chocolate, were centering around a winter dream feel. any ideas are greatly appreciated thank you

  11. what do you think about a pink silver and white winter wonderland wedding?

    a dark shade or pink silver and white please tell me what you think and please list some ideas and someweb sites if possible i want this to be very creative work of art so please be very detail and think of some thing very magical. best ideas will get 10 pts . thanks i was thinking that to about using blue ..

  12. Any good ideas for centerpieces at a winter wedding?

    Our wedding is Dec. 16, 2007. I want a centerpiece more original than just a candle or vase and flowers. Any good ideas? Colors are deep red and silver.

  13. What would be some ways to 'break the norm' in US society?

    So I have to do a project for my sociology class where I venture out into the public and do something to break a social norm. I'm supposed to do it alone. Thing is, I'm a shy person, and weary of doing anything weird with strangers. Can you help me come up with some ideas of breaking the norm? One example would be coughing without covering your mouth on the bus (but I wouldn't do such a rude thing). Thanks! I'll pick best answer!

  14. Any ideas for a Harlem Renaissance theme wedding?

    My fiance and I are getting married next winter and I'm looking for ideas for a Harlem Nights/Renaissance wedding. I've looked at many search engine sites and not having much luck on finding ideas. If anyone could help that would be greatly appreciated. As far as decor I'd like to really incorporate feathers instead of so many flowers. Our colors are Chocolate, Tiffany Blue/Aqua & Silver. Thanks so much in advance.

  15. Tiffany blue and brown wedding in January? Any unique ideas or pictures?

    I am having a winter wedding with the tiffany blue and brown colors. I dont know what colors to put the wedding party in, or how to decorate the hall using both colors. What other accenting colors can we use? I want a simple but elegant look. Any comments, pictures, ideas???

  16. What is an appropriate Psychology Breaking Social Norms idea?

    It has to be appropriate for High School Psychology class and must not be too time consuming.