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Wedding Dessert Table Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. how many different kinds of wedding desserts should you have on a dessert table?

    We are having a dessert table at our wedding reception. How many different kinds should you have and how much is too much?

  2. How much do dessert tables cost for wedding?

    I was looking into all these fabulous dessert tables that people are having at their weddings and was wondering how much they cost? Ive seen some are included in the catering package but others are done by actual wedding planners or the baker that does the cake?

  3. What are some one or two bite creative desserts that don't require a fork or spoon?

    We are having a christmas party for 100+ people and want to set out a dessert table. We would like to stray from cakes and pies and just one or two bite appetizer sized finger food desserts. any ideas?

  4. What specific products are good ideas for a wedding registry?

    What things from your wedding registry did you love and still use? Or, what specific products do you wish you had put on your registry (or just gotten as a gift)? (Or, maybe think of the products you've purchased that were the best investments.) Please be specific (include the brand and product name). For example, "I love my Dyson Ball" instead of "a vacuum cleaner".

  5. What dessert can I make for my sister's wedding?

    I would like to make some kind of easy dessert for my sister's wedding. Like something I can put on the tables. Any ideas??/

  6. what kind of candies should i use for my dessert table for my wedding?

    My theme is going to be a carnival theme. and my colors are going to be cherry red, teal, and white. Any ideas on what candies will fit the theme with the colors?.. I came with red twizzlers, candy canes, candy apples, white chocolate covered pretzels, white powdered donuts.. I havent been able to come up with any blue colored candies, besides rock candy.

  7. What kinds of dessert on groom table to coordinated with Dallas Cowboys theme?

    For my wedding reception, I am making my husband to be a dallas cowboys cake. Their colors are blue and silver-some people include white. But anyway, what desserts (besides just candy) can I include on the table that are of those colors or would coordinated with the cake? And no it does not have to coordinate but I would like it to-just personal preference. You can list candies but I would like other ideas besides just candy also. Thank you.

  8. How to plan a wedding reception at my church?

    I have plans to have a wedding reception (due to budgeting) at my church but the only thing is that I have know idea on the type of entertainment to provide. There is absolutely no alcohol and dancing at my church so what exactly is there to do besides toasting, speeches, and cake cutting? Please help!

  9. Where are good and cheap locations/restaurants for a wedding reception in Orlando?

    My fiance and I are set to be married Mid-September in the Lake Buena Vista area in Orlando. Following a private family ceremony we were hoping to book a restaurant that could accomodate around 30 people, and could hopefully give some sort of group rate with a set menu. We would like to keep the location within a 30 minute drive from LBV. Additionally, our budget is minimal. Anyone have any ideas?

  10. What are some ways to cut wedding costs?

    I'm looking to save as much money as possible but still have a nice little elegant wedding.

  11. What are some good ideas for throwing an Alaska themed wedding reception?

    This party will be a backyard bash for a sendoff for our Alaskan honeymoon in Virigina. I'm already serving Salmon for dinner and maybe some crab, and chocolate "moose" for dessert (food seems to be my speciality here). We will have a fire pit out back. Need ideas for cake, party favors, decorations, or some other items to make it more of an Alaska send off. Maybe something to do with puddle jumpers. Any one know of widely available Alaskan beer?

  12. How do I combine our cultures for a wedding?

    He is English, I am Creole. I want to include both cultures in our wedding, though they are drastically different. Any ideas? Thank you!

  13. What kind of food do you sever at a wedding?

    What kind of food do you sever at a wedding? I want a general idea of what you sever at a wedding repection or could you put all the food on a table and let your guest chose what they eat because you will have a variety of what they want to eat.

  14. What are some crafty things I could make for my wedding?

    Any good wedding ideas??? Any advice is helpful.

  15. Does anyone have ideas for a wedding on a budget?

    My fiancee and I are thrilled to be getting married in April, and have a lot of planning to do. We also have very little to spend. We live in Southern California (Orange County) and all we know is we have a great pastor who will be marrying us. (Wow, do we have alot of planning to do!) Anyone have any suggestions for locations, receptions, or unique and cost-effective ideas for any other aspects of weddings? Thanks!!!