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Baby Shower Dessert Table Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Dessert ideas for a monkey themed baby shower?

    I'm having a monkey themed baby shower in a few weeks and I'm trying to come up with some great ideas for the dessert table at my baby shower. I already came up with monkey shaped cupcakes. Does anyone have any great ideas for the desserts? Or even any other ideas for the baby shower? Thank you so much, all answers are appreciated. :)

  2. I need baby shower advice for a baby boy! The theme is sports, the color is sage green. Any ideas?

    I am putting on this shower for my friend. Nursery theme is sage green, so I want to stay in that color scheme. She is also decorating the nursery with sports/balls, but in soft colors, not in primary/bright colors. More muted pastel (sage, cream, light blue). I need ideas for the decorations as well as a themed menu and games. Anyone have some creative ideas that will impress this soon-to-be Mommy?

  3. Any suggestions for a sophisticated baby shower?

    The mom-to-be is having a girl, and loves the color pink. But, she's a city girl and doesn't like anything too cutesy or shower like. She does not like baby games and the shower is co-ed. Help! Does anyone have any ideas for menu, decorations, or themes?

  4. What type of food should I have at my baby shower?

    It's going to be co-ed. We're all about 16-18 years old. I eat pretty much anything, but I just wasn't sure what I should serve at the shower. Some menu ideas would be great! I'm not the one hosting, but my hostess did ask my opinion for food because she wants to make sure I'm happy, but i'm extremely indecisive and not very picky.

  5. Im having a baby shower with a flower and anything pink theme. I need some ideas to do with decorating--games-

    I need some tips on decorating--games--a little step by step instruction-- what to serve? I have never done this before.

  6. I am the Maid of Honor and only person in the bridal party. Do I have to pay for the shower on my own?

    The shower will be held in NYC and could become very expensive. I feel uncomfortable asking other friends to chip in since they are not in bridal party. Brides family lives out of town. Please advise.

  7. Any ideas for Baby Shower Games?

    I am hosting a Baby Shower for a friend. The theme is Bath Time/Duckies. I need help in coming up with atleast 3-4 games. It a ladies only baby shower. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thank you.

  8. I am doing a welcome baby shower and need ideas as far as games and food.?

    Baby was born yesterday so its going to be a welcome baby shower.... any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

  9. We need recipes for a baby brunch!??!?

    What are some good things to cook and serve? It will be at 11AM. Feel free to leave helpful links... We also need ideas for how to decorate, and party favors. It's for a little girl... No, the person we are giving it for is having a little girl...

  10. Do You Have Any Baby Shower Ideas?

    I am throwing a baby shower for my big sister! She is having a little girl. I need some ideas, mainly activities! Other ideas about decorations, snacks, invites, ect. are very much appreciated!!! :) As for activities, please no gross or insulting games, i.e. Guess the mother-to-be's weight gain, Guess the candy in the diaper, or anything that involves eating baby food! lol. Thank you!

  11. how to plan a really nice baby shower on budget?

    i have like $200 bucks and i have nothing it has to be done in like 3 weeks for 15 people i want to do an animal print theme and im lost how can i stretch my dollar..oh and i dont have a location and mine or the expectng mothers house is not baby shower appropriate..please help give as much detail as possible

  12. Planning a garden tea party wedding, any suggestions?

    To keep to a budget of around £6000 I want a tea party wedding in the summer. Something elegant, but a bit different too. I already know I want mismatched tea cups and crockery, and antique vases/candle holders for centrepieces. Food will be a light afternoon buffet which keeps the price down,with salad, meat fish, cheese and biscuits, a light dessert, and of course cake, maybe pretty cupcakes. Any ideas for pretty, quirky inexpensive ideas to fit in with my theme? I will have around 80 - 100 guests.

  13. Anyone have cute ideas for desserts for my baby shower?

    My sister is helping me throw my baby shower and we decided we don't want to go with traditional cake but rather other desserts. I'm looking for cute ideas. I've already been on babyshower101.com and I loved the potty chair surprise one where you make lemon jello and put a baby ruth in the center and put it a new potty chair. Anyone else have any cute ideas??

  14. Baby shower with Princess theme. Ideas?

    I am throwing my sister a baby shower. She is having a girl so we're having it as a princess theme. I am getting Tirara's for all the guest's to wear, and we're making wands out of chocolate covered pretzles. I would like any and all ideas that you all would have as to what games, decorations,or refreshments should be served at our function. Thank you in advance for any and all ideas.

  15. Having a baby shower in a restaurant.?

    Ok..so my cousin is planning my baby shower and asked where I'd like to have a shower..since we both have small homes and apartments. She said what about at a restaurant?? I thought it was a nice idea but my question is this. How do you have a shower at a restaurant?? I mean what would you do...just eat and converse and open gifts?? Food how would you set that up? Has anyone else had a baby shower at a restaurant if so let me know how it was and what you did there?? Thank you!