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Dessert Table Ideas For Weddings Questions Answered!

  1. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get customers to dine in our shop?

    I recently opened my own business. I sell desserts and espresso. We have a lot of business outside of the business. We cater weddings and events and we serve our cakes to restaurants and hotels. So that part of business is good. But I really would like to push customers to eat or drink inside the shop. Any cost effective ideas or any ideas are greatly appreciated.

  2. Can I get some wedding tips please?

    I just got engaged two days ago and now it's time to start planning! I would love tips and hints about everything. Please help me out. How much should I expect to spend? We want to have a standard Catholic wedding, nothing too fancy though. A semi-large reception with an open bar. We plan to have family help with food so catering won't be needed. What are some ways to cut costs because lets face it, weddings are very expensive. Thanks!!

  3. i want a wedding cake and also wedding cupcakes any ideas how have both and still look presentable?

    i always been old school and wanted a wedding cake but now i look at a lot of the cupcakes and they are gorgeous but i still want the 3 or 4 tier cake too. any suggestions how to combine them together and still look presentable, they will be part of the dessert buffet with a fruit and cheese table separate for those not keen on sugar.

  4. What is the Dining customs of Ancient greece?

    Please help me I have to do a project and I am stuck on this and it is due tomorrow!

  5. What are some good park/outdoor locations to have a wedding around SLC, UT?

    We are looking to get married in the first part of August. We are on a tight budget and think that an outdoor park might be a great location for a ceremony without a high cost. What are some beautiful parks around Salt Lake City that you think might be good for a ceremony/reception?

  6. what food do people usually serve at weddings??

    i'm planning on doing a buffet style dinner coz a plated-7 course meal is just not within the budget... any suggestions on the menu??

  7. what are some ways/ideas to save money on a wedding/wedding planning?

    my fiance and i have contacts that can provide music and the cake so that should not be a problem, however as i was looking at websites there're lots of expenses we need to cover. my wedding is until sept. 2008 so there's time for plans and to save up money. i dont plan a big wedding but not a small one either. i want an average reception and a church ceremony. i dont plan on having bridemaids. we plan on inviting no more than 200 ppl.

  8. does anyone have ideas for games/fun ideas to do at a 17th birthday where there will be music and dancing?

    im renting a big room, and having one of my friends control the music. but i need ideas for inexpensive decorations, party favors, and creative ideas for dessert??

  9. has anyone had a small wedding or is planning one?

    i mean 4 people and our 3 kids. i have no idea what to do...help!

  10. what exactly does a wedding planner do?

    I've been thinking about what I might want to do as a career and i thought maybe a wedding planner! can some one please tell me what exactly wedding planners do? please be more specific than just "plan weddings" :) thanks a lot in advance! i know they PLAN WEDDINGS but what does that involve

  11. Any ideas for music on a Sunday daytime wedding? Any other activities aside from dancing?

    What is the proper music for a Sunday daytime wedding reception? My ideal is to hire a live band to play jazz music, but I am finding that live bands are quite pricey! Also, what other fun activities can I have aside from the traditional dancing and cake cutting? Please some ideas!

  12. What's best for a buffet style reception?

    I'm kind of clueless on what's best to have at a reception. We're going with the buffet style because my family are huge cookers and it's much cheaper AND people prefer choices so it's easier all the way around. Problem is, I'm not really positive on what's best to have other than the regular finger foods and veggie and fruit trays. Any suggestions?