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Birthday Dessert Table Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What are the best simple desserts to have at a 18th birthday party ?

    My step daughter (So to speak) is 18 soon and we are having a party for her, she has asked me to do the cakes for her like i did for her 16th, of course i said yes, but she actually wants a dessert table with 2 mini chocolate fountains so i was thinking what else could be added as addition small yet simple treats or dessert, the only thing i can think of is cheese cake and fruit tart-lets.... Any ideas??

  2. I am about to turn 14 and i am going to a birthday party but i need ideas of what to do?

    I want to have a birthday party. I need some ideas of what to do. It can either be things that i can do if they spend the night or it can be a place that we could go to. Im only going to have about ten guests or less and they are going to be all girls.

  3. What can i do for my Sixteenth birthday party?

    So my sister is going to help me by paying to rent a place if i need to , but i need ideas like i am completely brain dead. i cant think of a place to do it , i cant think of any games to play. i cant think of anything seriouslyy... were not gonna be able to have a D.j. But please give me some really good ideas? i need alot ! ALOOOOTTT! HElP.

  4. What are some good ideas for a sweet sixteen party during the summer for a budget?

    My birthday is in October but PSAT tests are during my birthday. My parents and I decided to have my sweet sixteen during the summer. We are on a tight budget because we moved to Texas from Alaska last July. What are some good ideas for [here's the description of kids that are coming]: band nerds, some jocks, theatre kings and queens, emos, and nerdy Asians. I was thinking maybe a beach or Hawaiian theme, but I want some MORE ideas! Please help! Email me if you have any ideas!

  5. What are some ideas for a luau party?

    hey! i am having a birthday luau party. I need some kewl foods\activites and any other things u guys can think of. Thnx!

  6. Any ideas or tips about having an 18th BBQ for my son as a surprise.?

    I mean ideas on food, drink, fireworks and the like the strippers etc id rather not know about ha ha Its not until December and im thinking about 15 of his friends and some close family members but have never had a BBQ for that amount of people and dont want him or his friends to be dissapointed. That is fantastic, thanks for those tips and ideas... il defo take note of them.. again thanks x

  7. What are some good ideas for a 14 year old birthday party?

    Well i am a girl & 13, and my birthday is in December. I am thinking of planning early this year, so I can do something big & save up and stuff. But i need some good ideas, nothing outdoors'y because obviously its winter and cold. But something I can do with all my friends that will be lots of fun. Thank yoou x

  8. What should I make for my boyfriend's birthday?

    My boyfriend isn't at all picky, and doesn't care what I make him. I don't usually cook, I pretty much hate it. It is the first time we will be celebrating his birthday together, and I have noooo idea what to do. I can't even think of his favorite food because he likes everything. Any ideas?

  9. What is something fun i can do for my 18th birthday party?

    ok so its a few months away but i want to get ideas now for it. i want to do something where you can invite a lot of people and something that won't cost a lot. for my 16th i took some friends to the coast and we got a hotel room 4 the night but that was a lot and i couldnt invite many people. one idea i have is a huge dessert fight with cake and ice cream and other stuff. any other ideas?

  10. What are some unique birthday themes/ideas?

    I'm turning 20 this month and my family and my cousins are dropping by. There's about 10 of us. Any ideas for a theme or what we can do together? Thanks.

  11. What are some food ideas for an autumn themed birthday party?

    We are having about 40 people over for our daughter's first birthday. We are planning on serving chili in a crockpot and broccoli cheddar soup along with apple dumplings and cake for dessert. Do you think the two soups (with fresh rolls) would be good enough or should we add something else, like sandwiches? We will have a snack table also (pickles, olives, chips & dip, pretzels, etc.) Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated!

  12. Birthday party planning help?

    okay so me and my friend are planning a surprise birthday party for my other friend. Shes turning 14. We are gonna decorate my basement and get all her friends and well, surprise her! She loves bright, neon colors and stuff like that. We are planning on having a pinata and fun party games and stuff. So my question is, what is your favorite party game? What are some good things to decorate with? streamers? thanks! We are also putting both are money together and getting a cake decorated with a bunch of inside jokes and pictures and stuff.

  13. What are some nice yet affordable restaurants in hollywood/beverly hill?

    I'm talking a few people out to dinner for my birthday, so im hoping itll be an average of about $13 a plate. Anything french or italian is fine, and im looking for someplace nice where people wear chic clothes. I know im asking a lot for too little, but hopefully with somewhere with a young/upbeat ambiance?

  14. Does anyone know what I can cook for my boyfriend?

    It's my boyfriend's 18th coming up and I wanted to cook him a special meal, just the two of us so we can spend some proper time together before I go to uni and for his birthday. He's a very picky eater and I have no idea wot to cook him. Please help!!! And how should I decorate the table to make it look nice? I said he was picky... he doesn't like mash potato (I mean who doesn't like mash! But thats another story). I'll have a whole day, and was wanting to do a three course meal. I'm a pretty good cook, I was going to do homemade profiteroles for dessert. I can follow recipes and adapt them with ease. So I can do quite a bit. As he is picky however it's best to go simple-ish but I want to impress him as it'll be the first proper meal that I cook for him.

  15. What are some good food ideas for my party?

    I am having my birthday party next weekend. The theme is Sweet! So there is going to be alot a chocolate and dessert. I need some ideas.

  16. What is the best place to eat for a Disney World birthday dinner?

    I like to make a big fuss over my birthday (balloons, cake, the attention.... the whole nine) Where is the best place to do that in Disney World.... preferably in Magic Kingdom but I will accept all ideas.