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Christmas Dessert Table Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Creative ways to tell family about vacation?

    My sister and I are planning to take our other sister and mom to paris next year. We want to tell them at christmas, but we need really creative way to spring the news. Ideas?

  2. Ideas on how to do a star/starry night theme for a sweet 16?

    Okay I'm 13 and I know my sweet isnt for another 2and a Half yrs.. But my 15 yr old sis is planning hers because her bdays next week but having the party in Jan. I'm planning really early because I see her struggling with it. Anyway any ideas about decorations on starry night/under the stars? Thanks *don't answer if your gonna be mean or not serious*

  3. What are you getting your mom for christmas?

    I have no idea what to get my mom for christmas. I did have one idea but it would be made before christmas so now I'm lost. I mean that gift idea I had can't be made before christmas so i'm lost. I dont want to get her Pj's because I seem to always get her that.

  4. What should i get my girlfriend for christmas?

    Im 14 and so is my girlfriend i dont have a whole lot of money so try to make it slightly cheap but not too cheap thanks

  5. What is christmas like in France?

    I have to do a powerpoint on french culture, and I've decided to do christmas in france. Can anyone give me a good description of it, or link me to a website about it? Thanks.

  6. what kind of party shall i have? What stuff would i need?

    My birthday is next month and i was hoping to have a late night party with a cool theme as im turning 16. My house is quite small but i was looking for ideas on how i could set up a particular party room for the guests to sit in and stuff. What kinds of stuff do i need.apart from ballons..?

  7. what does a traditional old english style christmas dinner consist of?

    i have decided that instead of have the same thing over and over every thanksging and christmas i want my family to be able to experience different styles or cultures so if anybody has any ideas or recipes please let me know

  8. Having a christmas wedding need ideas for a reception.?

    Im having a small wedding about 12 guest around christmas time, any ideas what i can do for the reception part? Please be creative! Thanks

  9. What are some cool ways to decorate your house for christmas?

    Like cheap unusual ways Well more just one room

  10. iam having a 40th b-day party need some ideas classy and elegant for my birthday party witha tiffany theme?

    i would like some classy and elegant ideas for decorations for my 40th Tiffany Theme birthday party?

  11. what are you doing for christmas this year and what are you having?

    So seeing as it IS 7 days to christmas XD, i thought id ask this! Ill tell you mine: For christmas i get up and have breakfast, open presents, look at them and stuff until christmas dinner ;) have christmas dinner, wait for family to get here and have a christmas party and buffet xoxo, this year i have no idea what im getting but my mum has got me a suprise but i think its an ipad because whenever the ad comes on on TV she looks embarresed and tries to talk over it ;) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Does anyone Know anything about christmas in france?

    i need it for a world language project. i need websites pictures facts ANYTHING!!!!! thanks

  13. what do i get my parents for christmas?

    well i dont work...im 13. i save up my money and i have a lot, but i dont want to spend a lot on my parents presents. sooo any crafts i could make. any ideas? or any CHEAP things i could buy? thanks! :)