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Dessert Table Ideas For Party Questions Answered!

  1. Ideas for real food for a Gender Reveal Party?

    We are throwing a gender reveal party to tell our friends the sex of our baby. We have plenty ideas for the treat/dessert table but I need some idea for the main foods! Thanks!

  2. I'm throwing a tea party luncheon for my neices and friends' daughters. What should I serve?

    I wanted it to be more than scones and tea since it will be near around lunchtime. I am requesting that all the "ladies" wear hats. Any ideas for food, or fun laid back activities the girls might consider fun, but grown up? I don't want us running around the yard in our dresses and hats, but I feel like I should have something to do for entertainment.

  3. Planning a Surprise Party for my husband who is leaving for Basic Training?

    My husband is leaving in March for Air Force Basic Training and I want to throw him a surprise party before he leaves. I've been looking online for ideas but haven't found much. I need any ideas for the party. Games/food/decorations/music etc. Thanks for your help!

  4. Anyone have any ideas for a bridal shower?

    Me and a few family members are planning a bridal shower for my future step mom and we have no ideas. We are looking for some ideas on a theme, party favours and games. I would love to hear suggestions and ideas from everyone. Thanks in advance.

  5. What should i do for my sweet sixteen birthday party?

    I am turning sixteen soon and need help planning it. I want it to be the most amazing party ever. any suggestions?

  6. What should we do for a 14th birthday party?

    My younger brother is turning 14 and he wants to have a party in the middle of August.. What would be inexpensive things to do? (We don't have a pool or live close to a beach =( There will be both guys and girls, but only about 12 people.. Thanks for reading!!

  7. What food should I prepare for the party?

    I am going to throw an outdoor party in my backyard. I need some ideas for the party buffet food.

  8. How do I go about organizing a street party?

    like what are the first steps to doing this? I want to have one in the next few weeks... i think it would be a great idea. what kind of invitations and what kind of decorations and stuff do you have i want kind of a cook out...

  9. What are some ways to cut costs for an employee Holiday Party without making it "cheap"?

    We have approximately 100-110 people. We are already moving from an open bar to providing 2 drink tickets per person. Thanks for your ideas! We typically do something slightly more formal.

  10. what was an 18th century english tea party like?

    Obviously they drank tea but what kinds of foods (types of sandwiches, desserts, sweets, etc) were served at it?