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Candy Dessert Table Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Aside from the typical Thanksgiving meal dishes, what are some side dishes that you have on your table?

    Please don't post recipes...If you just give me the name of the recipe I can find it, if not I will email you. The typical TG dinner is getting old..I would like to serve the ham as usual, but with other dishes! Give me some of your ideas and favorites please? Thank you!

  2. Why do they have candies/confectionery on tables in conference rooms?

    I have noticed in a lot of meetings, they place candies/confectionery on your table? I remember hearing somewhere that it has some reason/theory behind it. Anyone has any idea about it?

  3. Does anyone have any ideas for a one month anniversary?

    I want ideas for me and my girlfriends one mont anniversary. I would like to do something romantic but not too much. Any ideas?

  4. What are some good recipes for make a dinner for my parents for their anniversary?

    See my parent's anniversery is coming up in about a week and I was going to prepare a meal for them and have it already planed.Do you have any ideas of what I should do as in entrees, drinks, sides, dessert, and setting up the table?

  5. How can I entertain 2 kids while babysitting?

    Later this evening, I am babysitting a 3 1/2 and a 6 year old. I have never seen or been with them before so I don't know what they like to do. They are both girls, and I am going to have them for 3 hours. Anyone have ideas what I can to to entertain them?

  6. Making a dessert buffet for my Cousins Graduation?

    I'm in charge of making desserts for 500 people for my cousins graduation. Does anyone have good ideas that are not just cakes and pies or cookies. We live in Hawaii so i was thinking some Hawaiian desserts too! Or any websites that have good ideas? Mahalo!

  7. How much are you supposed to feed your guests?

    I was satisfied with a first course (soup), second course (salad), an entree (2 selections) and the cake. But I'm now learning of dessert tabels, candy tabels, intermezzo, amuse bouche and other dishes for the reception. I'm also having a small cocktail hour with 5 hand passed appatizers and a 1 hour open bar. Is this enough or am I supposed to be gorging my guests? (It's a small wedding, about 40 people)

  8. How do we do a wedding on a budget, however nothing cheap or tacky?

    We're having under 100 people, the groom and all his grooms men are in the navy so we don't need to worry about tuxes thank goodness! However, when it comes to food, dinner ware, linens, tables, and chairs we only want to spend around $2,000 or less. I'd like something like a picnic but nothing hillbilly like or tacky. I'm not into big and fancy I just can't decide what would be casual elegance :)

  9. Does Anyone Have Any Really Good Ideas For Valentines Day?

    This will be my boyfriend & I's 4th Valentines Day together. Last year, I made a turkey dinner and did the table all up with candles and flowers that he bought me. The year before we went out for chinese together and I'm not sure what we did the first 2 years we were together. This year, I am leaving the planning all up to him but we will no doubt end up making the decision together so we are looking for really good ideas. We don't really live in a location that offers any good get a way packages because we don't ski and we don't have the means right now to go really far away and winter is too unpredictable for that to be an option so please give back good ideas. they can be anything from romantic to whatever...any and all ideas are appreciated. Thanks.

  10. What are some good recipes using cocoa powder?

    I have a lot of cocoa powder at home, plus other staple ingredients s/a eggs, flour, sugar, etc. Any ideas on some interesting recipes using cocoa powder?

  11. What are some fun activities I can do while babysitting 2 toddler boys?

    Tonight I'm baby sitting two boys and they're 2 and 3 1/2. It's my first time babysitting... Anyway, I'm not really sure what boys are in to at that age, and I've heard that Hot-Wheels are sometimes a big hit, but I don't have any. Does anyone have any idea of what games they might like at that age? I'm pretty stumped. Oh yea, I heard edible play-dough was fun sometimes, but I don't know if they'd enjoy it? Any other ideas are really appreciated! :)