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Unique Coffee Table Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What would be the best different/new coffee table book to write?

    Looking to compose a different and unique coffee table book, any ideas?

  2. My walls are buttercream yellow, and I've decided to add black and white accessories?

    What fabric/color should I use with which to upholster my sofa? What kind of coffee table should I buy? I would like the mood to be as a spa on Park Ave. with vintage elements, although this is my apartment.

  3. Which foods are unique to the United States?

    I am going on a foreign exchange soon (I leave in about 2 months). I will be going to Norway, and I wanted to take some food stuffs along with me that are unique to the United States. Although I am having a tough time coming up with many. On the list so far I have: Spam (Haha), and Hershey's bars. Does anyone know of anything else I could possibly take?

  4. I work at a bank and we are searching for ideas that make our lobby exciting/unique to come in to. Any ideas?

    NO idea is a bad idea, we are looking to be creative and different from any other bank so feel free to make any suggestions.

  5. Unique decorating ideas for 2 teracotta urns & small outdoor table?

    I have 2 teracotta urns (40cm x 25cm) and a small alfresco table with rusty legs and round glass top. Would really appreciate some ideas on how to decorate them up something different for my large verandah garden.

  6. What would make a superb coffee shop/cafe?

    I'm looking into the possibility of starting my own coffee shop/cafe. There are a lot of choices to make in deciding the look, feel, and taste of the cafe. Below, I've listed some possible elements of a coffee house. I would welcome any advice and suggestions; what would you look for in a coffee house experience. Also, what are the guidelines to using different brands of coffee that are available in the market, and do you have any suggestions on how to make the coffee house experience unique if using market brand coffee? Thank you. 1. Exotic coffee 2. A coffee house theme (tropical, Christian bookstore, etc.) 3. Serving other beverages (tea, smoothies, etc.) P.S. please be creative and give me some unique ideas.

  7. How would I make a round coffee table?

    I would rather build one than pay close to 200 dollars for one so if you know how to make one let me know. Ive went to several websites as in HGTV & DIY and they dont have any options please help

  8. What are some good baby shower games to play?

    I've been to 3 baby showers within the month and they all played the same word scramble games etc.....I want to do something unique or different for my games. Any ideas or websites with free info?

  9. Where is a cute place to throw a tea party in manhattan?

    It's my birthday soon and I would love to throw a little tea party in celebration. I love the idea of a tea room and am familiar with a few in manhattan, but am still a little lost. Any special/cute/unique tea rooms in the city (preferably downtown) that would be great and allow for about 10 people to get together? Thank you for any suggestions!

  10. What colors should I paint my living room?

    I'm getting my first apartment with my best friend and they are absolutely amazing! The only thing I don't like is the white walls. The apartment is allowing us to paint, but I'm stumped for ideas that will look unique and modern while matching the cherry wood cabinets/doors/molding and countertops. My couch is plad but I will be buying a cover for it. My friend has a chaise that is tan and a really quirky 70s style mustard yellow chair.

  11. What are the most unique storage/space saving ideas you've seen? thoughts, pics, links?

    Because of downsizing my living space, Im looking for ideas on utilizing every sq inch of my new home. I'd love to hear your unique ideas as Im pretty aware of the basics. Thanks :)

  12. Ideas for kid games at a family reunion?

    I'm in charge of games for my family reunion. I'm in need of cool game ideas with resources and such. I am limited to nearly 100 dollars to 200. Most of the kids are above 13 and there will be 10 to 15 kids. I need a few where a prize would be given and prize ideas are needed as well.

  13. Decorating Ideas for a Travel Themed Room?

    I want to redecorate my room and I was thinking vintage travel. Picture Indiana Jones travel/ancient artifacts/that sort of time period. If that makes any sense... I've had this idea floating around in my head for a while but I can't think of a way to make it happen. If you have any ideas or suggestions, that would be awesome! Thanks in advance!

  14. any centerpiece ideas for a tropical living room??

    uhmm.. unique ones? perhaps you could tell me what are ur centerpieces on ur coffee table at home.. Tnx in advance! :)

  15. Making a bed and breakfast different than the rest?

    I'm doing an entrepreneurial assignment, and we need to make a business plan, i was going to make mine on a bed and breakfast, any ideas on how i can make a bed and breakfast somehow different than other bed and breakfasts?

  16. Can anyone give me tips on being a good receptionist?

    I am really wanting to be a good receptionist. I just got a job as a full time receptionist in a paper shredding business. What makes a good receptionist?Can anyone give me tips?

  17. How can you tell if somebody has a high IQ in everyday conversation?

    Without resorting to test-taking or asking, how can you tell if somebody is more intelligent than average in simple conversation? What kind of body language, behavior, and speech patterns do persons of a higher IQ exhibit? Of course, this is presupposing that there is a practical way of judging IQ in everyday life.