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Baby Shower Table Decoration Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. How can I make cute baby shower invitations?

    I am planning a baby shower for my sister in law and she is having a boy, I want some creative ideas ex.. like games, food, table decorations etc.. Please Help!!

  2. What are some good ideas for a baby shower?

    I'm going to throw my sister a baby shower in two months and I was just wondering if you guys knew any good ideas for games, decorations, food, and\or just about anything else that would make a great baby shower!? Thanks!

  3. Does anyone know where i can find baby zanzibar themed shower tableware?

    I'm having a baby shower for my sister and her baby room is in the Baby Zanzibar theme. She would love it if I could do the baby shower in teh Baby Zanzibar theme as well. But I can't find tableware and decorations. Any ideas?

  4. What are some ideas for a hawaiian baby shower?

    I am having a hard time making it not just a luau and not just a baby shower. Does anyone have some ideas that unify the two? Thanks!

  5. What baby shower theme should we go with?

    My husband and I are having our baby shower at a neighborhood club house this June. It has a huge pool, so it's going to be a pool party. But we're having trouble deciding what kind of theme to do the cake, decorations, ect. We're having a boy and are doing a safari theme for the nursery. Should we do the same for our baby shower? We've also thought about a beach theme (since its a pool party) and a pirate theme. Any other ideas would be great too!

  6. What are some good ideas for a baby shower?

    I am looking for some good food recipes, games, punch recipes, party favors, decorating ideas, etc. for a girl baby shower. Any easy, fun ideas you have would be awesome! Also, i am making an invitation for my sister's shower on facebook but what should i write for the details?

  7. What are some inexpensive ideas for hosting a baby shower?

    I am on a budget and throwing a friend a shower. I want to make it really nice because she is pregnant and going thru an awful divorce. She has (obviously) been under alot of stress and I just want to make the shower beautiful for her. It will be a small shower at my house but I want to have food, table decorations that are classy looking, and a cople of fun games to play~ Thanks in advance!

  8. What nibblies and appetisers should I serve at my baby shower?

    I am having my first ever baby shower and really stressing about getting every thing just right.... Does any one have any recipes or tips about what I should serve? There will be between 16 and 20 guests and its at 11am so it will sort of be brunch. Also if any one has tips on decorations or games or anything els I really would appreciate the advice. Thanks

  9. What baby blue ideas can i do for a babyshower for a boy. Its hard, ive always done babyshower for baby girls?

    The only thing i got that is blue is, blue Hawaiian punch, and blue jello, i need more ideas pleas!!! For example for a girl baby shower i had, pink jello, pink lemonade, pink cake(strawberry), pink fruit salad, so it was easier, so any baby blue ideas specially for food or desserts, drinks. thank you.

  10. What are some baby shower gift ideas to give to those who win the games?

    It's Tomorrow, and I need some cheap ideas, that are relatively inexpensive. I need about six gifts. I know the obvious like little lotions and candy. But is there anything creative or more useful?

  11. baby shower decoration ideas?

    im plainning a babyshower for my cousin. i dont know what to do with tha tables? what do i use as centerpieces? and other stuff to make it pretty.

  12. Ideas needed for a baby shower with men included.?

    The Sunday 2-4 drop in baby shower with the silly games is finally fading out. This is my first shower at night with alcohol and husbands are invited. It's more like a party with gifts for the mom to be. Any ideas with food, decorations whatever are needed!

  13. Where can I get inexpensive baby shower items?

    My mom is throwing a baby shower for me in another state. I've moved across the country and will in no way be able to attend, but she's having one anyhow. I want to help pick out decorations so at least I feel somewhat involved. I'm looking for really good prices, a reputable site and maybe some unique themes. I don't really like the typical zoo animal or pregnant lady theme decorations. I'm looking for invites and cups, napkins, table decor, simple stuff like that. Any suggestions?

  14. Any help for a Alice in Wonderland themed Baby Shower?

    I'm looking for help with party supplies and ideas for my baby shower that has a Alice theme, based largely on the Cheshire Cat. Any help?

  15. Any ideas for decorations for a baby shower?

    It is for a baby girl. I am not the most creative person so my imagination is limited to balloons and streamers! Any suggestions are appreciated.

  16. Does anyone have any good ideas where I can have a baby shower at besides my back yard?

    I live in sacramento, CA. Any ideas will help out. Please be specific and share your own experiences if you have any.

  17. What are some good ideas for a jungle theme baby shower?

    We have already decided on invitations. I need ideas for food, decorations, and party favors.