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Creative Coffee Table Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What are some good creative ideas for a coffee table?

    If say I wanted to make a coffee table, but for cheap and out of creative items - Do you have any ideas? I'm a guy so I need something simple. So far, I was thinking about old crates or a window with panes. Any other ideas? Thanks for the help!

  2. Need your creative ideas with decorating a home?

    I am renting a house and the inside is covered in wood paneling! Does anyone have any cheap & creative ideas on how I can still make my home look nice and modern, rather than old and dull? Color Schemes & decorating tips/websites. Just a little more about the home: A fireplace in the living room, beige carpeting, black coffee table & tv stand. Thanks for the help!!

  3. What can I use as a coffee table?

    My wife and I have sold our table set (dining, coffee and end) and are trying to think of some "out of the box" ideas for things to use as a coffee table... Our style lately has been kind of antiquey, but we'd like something of a conversation piece (but still functional) for the living room. To give you an idea of where we're considering going with this, we've already looked at an antique wooden chicken cage and an old wood luggage trolley from a hotel. It doesn't have to be wood, but just not glass. Come on you creative decorators! Help me out here!

  4. Is the top layer of coffee a table removable?

    A friend gave us an old retro coffee table and I want to freshen it up - give it a new look. The legs are made of wood but the top layer of the surface (top of table) is not. I don't know what its called but its a thin layer on top; not paint. It's an actual piece. It sort of feels/looks like particle board like what cheap dressers are made of. Some countertops have it too. So my question(s) is, what is it called? Can this layer be removed? If not, can I paint over it?

  5. What color should I paint my furniture?

    I already have a navy couch and maroon chairs. I have a coffee table and an endtable that I have to paint. What color though? Furthermore, the apartment I'm moving into will paint an accent wall in my living room, but I only have 4 options: wine, gold, sage, and beige. So...what color should te tables be, and what color should the accent wall be?

  6. How should I decorate my new town home?

    How should I decorate my living room? I have two red sofas and a glass coffee table. What should I put on the table? And also, what colors should I use in my bedroom and bathroom. I just need some creative ideas for it all. I am not too great at this......

  7. I need help with creative ideas to decorate an apartment on a budget!?

    What are some easy, cheap ideas for furnishing and decorating an apartment (all rooms)? E.g. a coffeetable, beds, shelving. If these things can be made from recycled items and with do-it-yourself plans, even better!

  8. What are some inexpensive and creative ideas for a 20 year old birthday gift?

    My budget is around $20 and I was just wondering what are some inexpensive birthday gift ideas that would be perfect for my dear friend.

  9. How would I redo a set of end tables and a coffee table?

    I am moving into an apartment for this fall semester, and my parents have this let of tables I would like to take with me but they are pretty scratched and I was wanting to redo them. They aren't real wood they are made out of that particle board stuff. How would I go about either restaining them or painting them?

  10. I bought a set of glass end tables and an oval piece of glass for a coffee table but no legs! Creative ideas?

    Instead of just buying legs, I thought I could do something a little more interesting for the base of the table. I thought about two large vases but I'd like some other ideas as well. Anyone want to help me out?

  11. Any ideas on something creative to do for this old window w/frame?

    I have this old window whose frame is painted on one side (the side that would show if you were to hang it on a wall). I was initially thinking of painting on it, then thought to use it as a collage frame and put photos on it. Any ideas or website ideas appreciated. Thanks!

  12. Creative ideas for an outdoor table?

    My husband and I just moved into a new home and the previous owners left a very nice wooden bench that I am planning to place alongside my garden. I would really love an outdoor seating area, but can't afford to purchase a new patio set. Does anyone out there have some creative ideas for building an outdoor table to go along with the bench? Thanks!

  13. What is the most creative thing you ever did with concrete blocks?

    I have 2 dozen of them in my backyard taking up space, give me some ideas OK? thanks Interesting Tink, how did you get the melons out without breaking the melons? I would like to see that dining set, lol

  14. How can I display my pictures in a creative way?

    I have a TON of pictures that I want to put up in my apartment of my friends, family, etc., but I don't want to just put them in regular picture frames, and I want to hang them on the wall somehow. Any ideas? Thanks!

  15. Looking for ideas to keep "flat surfaces" in my house uncluttered.?

    Dining table, kitchen counters, coffee tables all seem to catch clutter. Any ideas to remedy this?

  16. Can anyone give me some ideas for a sensory activity for young children?

    It is in a nursery setting as part of my course I am doing. Sensory means to do with the 5 senses. I am struggling to come up with ideas.

  17. What's the most creative homemade gift you can think of?

    I need to make a Secret Santa gift this year for Christmas. I can only spend 5$ on materials, or whatever is in my house. I want it to be something awesome, so let me know some crazy elaborate ideas for homemade gifts.