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Diy Coffee Table Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What are really good DIY coffee table ideas?

    I have a coffee table that has lumps and bumps all over the top of it and its pretty old and I really want to do some DIY on it but there are no cool ideas! Anybody have any good ideas? Here is the Length - 118cm Width - 78cm Height - 45cm.

  2. Art project help I want to glue some old pics to a coffee and need some advice?

    I want to take old pics and news paper clippings and glue them to a coffee table. Any suggestions on what to use to glue to surface and what I can use to cover it like a clear coat to protect it? I want something to coat the stuff i glue but will also fill in low spots so the surface of the table is still smooth and it has to be clear so you can still see the art work. Thanks I hope someone has some answers I am just looking for help with my hobby.

  3. Can you take the backglass off of a pinball machine and it still work just fine?

    I am trying to make a coffee table with a working pinball game inside. However I can't have the back sticking up. I am wondering if I can just remove this part or will that ruin the intire game play? Let me know if anyone has any ideas or knows of any pinball games big enough for a table but that doesn't have a back. Thanks

  4. What color/colors should I paint my living room?

    I have great furniture and I want to paint my living room a complimentary shade. My couch is very creamy brown and my coffee & end tables are maple with flat silver metal legs. We have wood floors too, so I don't know if that makes a difference really. But I really have no ideas. So, maybe someone knows of a website with some options, swatches, a design program. Anything would be great!

  5. Cheap decorating ideas?

    I'm getting an apartment next year with my boyfriend and we dont have much money. This apartment is very very tiny. We arent allowed to paint the walls or anything. I was wondering if anyof you had any cute CHEAP decorating ideas for small spaces.Where can I get cheap furniture? Do any of you know any DIY crafts? I think I have all the home essentials but I would like some outside opinions or tips. :) My budget is really really low, please keep this in mind. Anything helps though. Thanks. I have fabric to cover old furniture, any tips on how to do a couch?

  6. I'm thinking about different themes for my classroom, and I would really like to do a coffee shop theme?

    I'm not able to paint the walls (and they're white, by the way) or mount anything on the walls. I know it's pretty limited, but I think that it's able to be done. I don't mind DIY projects or going to secondhand shops. Any ideas are welcome! Thanks!

  7. What would you want at a store grand opening? Help me make the opening of my boutique great!?

    I'll be opening my boutique "Crush" in South Texas. I buy, sell and trade clothing. (I also buy from places that sell to WetSeal.com / Gojane.com) I sell both name brand and non-name brand clothing and DIY/vintage items. I also sell shoes,handbags, accessories, makeup, unique home decor, art and more. I have made the entrance a lounge. This room contains the check out/front desk and makeup display. It also has a couch, coffee table, TV, magazine rack and free coffee/cookies. I will have coloring books for kids. The next room has all the clothing and accessories sorted into different sizes/styles.Connected to this room are dressing rooms. I have made the entire store have a comfortable, artsy and non-cluttered feel to it. The pricing is low, an Abercrombie shirt might cost you around 9/10 bucks. I've collected a great deal of good ideas for my store and now I'm asking for something else. I need some REALLY great ideas for the grand opening! What can I do to make the day amazing?

  8. I need a good goodbye gift for my retiring teacher? Please help!?

    My orchestra teacher is retiring and I was thinking of getting her a really nice goodbye gift ranging from $70-$100??? Any ideas? I'd like to get her something that she could keep forever that'll always remind her of her last class whenever she looks at it.

  9. I have a budget of only £3000 to get married does anyone have any suggestions to keep costs down?!?

    I am happy to get a second hand dress etc but can't find that many inexpensive venues. It will be a civil wedding for about 100 people in total

  10. Ideas for a 16th birthday party in October?

    What are some good birthday party ideas for a 16th birthday in October? Thank you :)

  11. Ideas for a great Spanish Tapas dinner?

    My normal dinning table is 'in bits' .... i'm a DIY gal. So I thought doing Tapas for a dinner to eat at the coffee table would be a great idea.

  12. What would you do here?

    Hi, here is the link to my pics of my living room. http://s181.photobucket.com/albums/x168/niall_loves_me/ I am in the middle of painting, the front door needs replaced any ideas? the floor needs some kind of rug any ideas there? window coverings? decorations, pillows what not, the tv will be replaced next spring with a plasma or other type and unit will get refinished. end table suggestions? I have 2 kids and a dog but they are nice and neat(my 2 year old cleans her room every day, my dog stays in the kitchen till she is told she can come out after coming in from a muddy day) I just need decorating ideas, all furniture stays, we would like to add more, this is our first house, the ceiling is being painted in parchment paper, walls in raffia cream, trim, end wall in gobi desert all by behr, floor is the color of the wood we sanded off all the stain, we will get more trim as soon as we go get it made, the original stuff was eaten in a few places by old owners dogs, thanks ry this link I cant seem to figure this site out sorry http://s181.photobucket.com/albums/x168/niall_loves_me/?action=view¤t=5e8bb358.pbw can you guys give me links to stuff too? that is not tile work by the door it is the glue from the old tile and we need to rent a floor sander to get it off I think so we are waiting till the new door is installed.

  13. I need ideas for coffee tables?

    I'm getting ready to move into our first home and I really want to give my house personality. We have a great color scheme picked out throughout the house already, and I already have a living room set. What I want now is ideas for DIY end tables and a coffee table. I want something with personality, character. i dont want to spend $200 on standard tables that are made by the hundreds. I want something unique. Our living room will be an eggshell/toupe color http://cdn.decorpad.com/photos/2008/05/20/8cbceb7f5d78.jpg with one accent wall in a chocolate color with a wall stencil design throughout. http://st.houzz.com/simages/30412_0_8-2146-traditional-bedroom.jpg our sofa set is a chocolate brown color with pillow backs kind of like the one in this picture: http://www.morfurniture.com/c_detail.aspx?ID=596&CatID=28&Group=10 besides the living room set that we already own and the colors that we picked for the living room, we dont have any other design element or idea for the living room so for the coffee tables and side tables anything goes. Give me any all ideas you may have for DIY coffee tables and end tables. I'm willing to make my own, redesign something found at a thrift shop or garage sale, anything. But I'm having a creativity block and I cant think up any ideas.