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Decorating Coffee Table Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Any ideas for decorating a coffee table?

    I want to renovate my grandparent's old coffee table, what should I do to it? Should I paint it a solid color, stain it, paint designs on it, paint it with a pattern, a texture? I don't have any ideas. Any help? P.s. The table was stained a dark brown but it has a lot of scratches and dings in it. There's rings from glasses etc. My room is turquoise And I don't necessarily want it to match, but I don't want it to clash.

  2. How can I decorate my house without spending thousands of dollars?

    The downstairs is basically decorated, but I need to do some new things. Like, put couch covers so my couches match, new coffee tables. But, the upstairs is really plain, and not painted. I dont really know what to do with it. I have plenty of ideas, but they all consist of buying things. I plan on buying some things, but it all adds up.

  3. I recently bought a coffee table at a yard sale. i dont know how to decorate it?!?

    The coffee table has a square hunter green base with drawers and the top draw has a glass top so whatever you put in can be seen from the top of the table. I want to find a really craetive idea to decorate this space. it is probably 5'' deep so it cant be anything to tall. Any ideas are greatly appreciated!

  4. good website about living room decorating ideas?

    I need help on what color/style of couch tv stand coffee table etc to get. My bf wants black, because he says its more modern. I like dark brown/Expresso/dark cherry colors. Any websites that give good decorating ideas??

  5. How can I decorate my white table with pictures.Is there a tape I can get to 'lamenate' what is on the table?

    I have this cheap white coffee table that I got at a tag sale. It has a large white surface that I want to cover with pictures, stickers, and magazine cut outs. I was wondering if there is any sort of tape that I can put over paper that will seal it down and be fairly waterproof and remain flat. Do they sell stuff like this at Michaels or JoAnnes? I'd want the role of tape to be pretty thick so I can just slab pieceson photos and still use the table as a surface for eating, playing, etc. Any ideas/suggestions/answers?

  6. How to arrange decorate a long narrow livingroom?

    I am in a place that has a long narrow living room and can't seem to be happy with what I have going on with it. At the moment we have a long couch with two end tables on one wall that leads to the kitchen. On the wall opposite we have nothing. In the corner is the tv and in the middle a coffee table. With the sofa and coffee table there doesn't seem to be enough room for anything across on the other side. I just absolutely hate not having the room being comfy and relaxing. Any suggestions or ideas to help me fix this?

  7. I'm looking for some funky furniture...Fun coffee tables and chairs to go in my lounge-themed room?

    I'm redoing my room into a lounge. Like..a techno-club based room. I want to be able to just chill in my room. I want as much space as possible..I'd like some sweet, comfy chairs..and an awesome coffee table. I like black and pink, and maybe some orange and green. Any other cool ideas (like wall hangings, disco lamps, etc) are welcome

  8. Okay, I just got my new furniture, now what do I put on my coffee table?

    The sofa and loveseat are elephant sage colored. The room is painted a very pale yellow. The furniture wood is dark walnut. The floors are light hardwood. What do I put on my coffee table? Send pictures of coffee tables with stuff on them, not coffee table books on it, but decorated with stuff like big vases, or fake fruit, or whatever. Thanks in advance!!

  9. What can I use as an entertainment center?

    I am decorating in a primitive country style and am trying to figure out what I can use to put the tv on besides a regular entertainment center. I am already using a blanket chest as a coffee table and don't want to put a second one in the room for the tv. Any ideas?

  10. Where can i get ideas or do u have any on arranging and decor. large rectangular home office?

    It has 2 desks, 1 comp station, printer station, filing cabinets on one side, and a couch, coffee table, bookcase, and tv on the other. It is a office for my home business, but is used by kids and husband, and requires alot of filing. I dont want to stick everything on the sides of the walls. ALSO it is above the garage, so the highest point for the ceiling is in the middle, more near the walls it slopes down. thanks

  11. Anyone know of a folding coffee table?

    I am on the hunt for a coffee table, but because I'm in a very small space, it need to be something which adapts. I need it to be able to fold flat in order to be able to be stored behind an Ikea Solsta couch (it's a sofa bed). I'm looking, but haven't really found anything at all, so if you know of a product that fits this description and is extremely affordable ($100 or less), I'd love it if you could pass along your knowledge. Thanks much!

  12. How to clean an extremely FILTHY apartment WITH roachs?

    I really need help. My friend of 7 years finally got an apartment on her own with her 1 year old baby. She is in the hospital for some type of repiratory infection that I don't really understand and her baby is staying with his grandmother until she can be released. She has a lot of pets and I told her that I would look after them while she is away and clean up her apartment. Appon arriving to her home, you open the front door and the smell of poo hits you in the face. She has one small dog, 3 cats, 2 mice, and one fish. The animals all look well taken care of. Seem thick, strong, healthy. Even the mouse and fish tank are spotless. Food and water was out for the animals but everything else is HORRIBLE. The living room floor is covered in trash and clothes. The coffee table covered in cups and food wrappers. STUFF everywhere. Almost like hoarding. Kitchen table covered in stuff. (Stuff as in not really trash but SO much stuff) Stains all over the carpet. Dining room as dog poo and pee all over. There are 4 huge storage containers filled with clothes. Some clean, some dirty. She has a washer and dryer. Desk is pretty clean but very very cluttered and disorganized. Kitchen seems like she was really trying to clean it because the sink is empty and pretty clean and the counters are filthy and covered in roach droppings but have no plates or anything on them. She had a storage container full of CLEAN dishes, and a laundry basket ontop of those full of dishes that smell horrible and are covered in dried food. Roaches are ALL in both containers. When I turned the light on in the kitchen roaches scattered everywhere. They are living in the animal food bags and in the bowls. The guest bathroom looks nice. Decorated. But the kitty litter box is so full that fruit flies have filled the bathroom and there are poo tracks from the kitties coming in and out of the litter box. Her bedroom is kinda clean but SUPER disorganized. Some small stains but LOTS of clothes everywhere. Her bathroom is HORRID. I opened the closed door and the fan was on. Probably because the shower curtain had fallen into the bathtub and is FULL of poo where the cats have been pottying. The poo was covered in fuzzy white mold and the tiny bathroom smells SO badly of ammonia. The ONLY room clean in her house is her nursery. It's spotless. It's like she nested but only in that room. I've got to help her. She has been back and forth to the doctor for years suffering from depression and anxiety. She used to throw up once every morning. Always at random times, but you knew it was going to happen. She had panic attacks all the time. When she had her baby she suffered severe postpartem. She didn't want to eat, talk, get dressed...she didn't even want to shower anymore. She just spent every moment she could with her baby. I have got to do this for her. She needs help so badly but I come in here and I find myself completely overwhelmed! How could I possibly clean this apartment?! I can't even move something without roaches coming out from under it! I am going to clean it. I am dedicated to doing it but I need some REAL help here. WHAT do I do and HOW do I do it? This is extremely overwhelming. Please give me detailed help on how I can make this life better for my friend and my little niece.

  13. What accent color should I use for my Black and Beige living room?

    My sofa and love seat are beige leather with black accent pillows. The picture frames in the room are black. The TV stand and coffee table are black. The rug has black and two shades of beige. I am moving to another apartment and would like to throw in an accent color to brighten the room and be able to paint an accent wall in the new apartment. Any suggestions?

  14. Help me redecorate my living room?

    Okay so here's how my living room looks right now: http://tinyurl.com/yoe77y I'm also planning to add a coffee table in front of my couch, but first I need to figure out where to put everything. The walls are so stupidly done that I have no idea how to setup the room. Please help!