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Painting Coffee Table Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What is a good decoupage sealant for painted coffee tables?

    I want to use a strong sealant for my coffee tables. I painted, then decoupaged color copies onto them. When I used a lacquer sealant, some of the colors from the copies ran. Any ideas?

  2. Could I paint a coffee table which already has a stain finish?

    I need a coffee table for my new apartment. my neighbor is willing to sell me theirs but the wood is too light in color. It is stained wood. Would it be possible for me to paint it black or dark brown on top of that stained finish? any ideas on what type of paint to use? suggestions? Thank you so much for any input!

  3. Can fabric paint be removed from furniture?

    I'm trying to remove some fabric paint that spilled onto our coffee table....Any ideas?

  4. How do I paint coffee tables?

    I have a coffee table, end table and bookshelf that I would like to paint a chocolate brown color. They are finished though, Does any one have any ideas on how to make them so I can paint?

  5. How can I paint my compressed wood laminated night table and desk black?

    I have a compressed wood night table and a desk, but they are like a cherry wood color. I want them to match my black tv stand and coffee table. Have any ideas? I mean, its laminated so I don't know what to do. Can somebody help me?

  6. I have a coffee table I want to convert into a dinning table?

    How would I go about doing that? If you know how I would not mind emailing pictures so you can see it to get a better idea. It is a square table and I love it very much and spent alot of time sanding and painting it but we recently got a coffee table from father in law and so.... Thanks for the help in advance!

  7. What is a good way to give new life to a worn coffee table?

    I have a coffee table that is about 15 years old. I could get a new one, but I thought I might try and refinish it or paint it, or do something to it. I live in an apartment and don't have a lot of space or room for toxic fumes. How can I give new life to this coffee table. Any suggestions welcomed?

  8. Idea for making end and coffee tables?

    I need to make end and coffee tables that are really inexpensive. Any ideas? Also any ideas for making a headboard. They are so expensive that I would like to find a way to make one that looks good but doesn't cost alot.

  9. How can i fix my coffee table?

    I spilled very strong nail polish remover on my coffee table! I immediately started cleaning it up and it literally pulled up all the color and now its all gross looking and a different color! Very expensive coffee table and stupid mistake. Its wood. I dont know what to do. Does anyone have any ideas? Thankyou so much!

  10. What paint colour will look best with my livingroom furniture?

    I am trying to decide what color to paint my livingroom. I have a black leather couch & love seat, dark walnut floors and teak coffee table. What paint colors will compliments my furniture and floors?

  11. How can i tint a glass coffee table?

    I'm needing to get a blood red tint, to the glass on a coffee table. Problem is i can't find anything realistic, also everything I find that would work is out of state. I "don't" have like $500 to spend on this, so some idea on what the cost may be would be much appreciated as well.

  12. Any paint color ideas for bedroom?

    It's a new room and I am planning to keep all the walls white except for the wall behind my bed. I can't think of any color. It's very important cause this one wall will dictate what color of furniture and accents I should have for my room. I want the room to look sophisticated but fun.My room is very simple. the bed is a queen size which is not a tall bed. It's really low. I am planning to have this corner where i could put an area rug and a low coffee table and have throw pillows as chairs. The floor will probably be wood lamination in very light shade. I am really frustrated on this one wall because everything has to blend well with it.

  13. how do i make my living room look special?

    my living room is painted in white, pop corn ceiling, light tan carpet, sage microfiber sofa and love seat, coffee table and end tables are chrome and glass, 2 lamps are chrome also. it looks like a single man's living room. also the tv stand is silver. i want my living room to have a warm look witha warm color and nice pictures. i have outdated blinds. any idea on new in fashion blinds or curtains. i would like to have a santa fe decor or look. any ideas. ps: i am not very handy.