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Cheap Coffee Table Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What is the cheapest moving company around?

    I only need a loveseat and coffee table moved any ideas?

  2. How do I get cheap or free furniture?

    I am moving in to my own apartment and dont have much furniture. I need thing like a table, coffee table, and stuff like that. Any ideas on how to make stuff or something im a college student so I dont exactly have alot of extra cash laying around.

  3. Moving into first new place..where can I buy cheap matress and furnishings?

    I am finally moving out of my parents home and renting a house with a friend. I am fine paying the rent and utilites, but when i comes to the extras I am tapped out at the monet. Can anyone give me any ideas where I can find a decent, but cheap: mattress bookcase Computer desk Coffee Table Any help would be amazing! Thank you!

  4. what is the cheapest way to move cross country?

    I am moving across the country and wanted to know what is the most inexpensive way to move a full sized bed, huge dresser (with mirror), glass coffee table, and clothes. Please let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions. I forgot the biggest thing to move, my car haha. So, how would you move a bed, dresser&mirror, glass coffee table, clothes, and a car across the country?

  5. Where to buy a cheap wooden chest and cheap couch pillows?

    The chest will be for our coffee table so it needs to be the size of an average coffee table.the pillows are just as decorations for the couch and love seat but the cheapest I can find are like $15! Which isn't bad for one but when I need 6-8 its kinda pricey! Any other ideas you want to share feel free!

  6. What is the value of retro living room furniture?

    I have a coffee table that is teak and is of 1950's vintage. I want to sell it but have no idea what price to ask.

  7. How do I prevent my couch from moving around on my tile floor?

    Recently I bought a sectional couch, that is two pieces, for my tiled living room and it sits right in the middle of the room, not up against a wall. It moves around due to the slickness of the floor. (Our previous couch, while smaller, was heavier and this wasn't as much of an issue.) We have a couple of solutions, but I am hoping to find another solution here. One idea is to get a HUGE throw rug that covers the length and width of the couch to the tv, to reduce the sliding. (Expensive!) Another idea is get a couple of runner rugs to go under the couch sections, hopefully hidden, and just get a smaller throw for under the coffee table in front of the tv. There has to be a more inexpensive fix for preventing my couch from sliding around every time someone sits on it, other than runner rugs. Any home tips? Thanks!!

  8. How to buy rugs / carpet and furniture - nice and affordable .?

    I am new here in Virginia Fairfax county and have rented an apartment. I have to furnish it with wall to wall carpet or Area rugs and with furnitures - dining table (4 chairs), bed, mattress, sofa and coffee table. I am in Falls Church and recently came in US, so no idea of the good stores/bargain shops etc. My budget is tight so have to go for low cost items but DECENT.

  9. How do I make a dome top trunk into a table?

    i have this antique trunk that I want to make into a coffee table. The thing is, it has a dome top lid, so i can't just rest things on it. There's a guy who does this: http://antiquetrunktables.com/ but i think that involves a lot of welding, which i can't do. I have debated removing the lid and setting a piece of wood in it and staining it, but i would still like to be able to use it for storage. any ideas on how to make a flat lid that will still open for this thing?