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Wedding Reception Table Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What are some outdoor super casual BBQ wedding reception activity ideas?

    I already had my wedding/ reception in Utah a month ago and am flying to my hometown in Alaska next week. We decided to throw a BBQ so everyone could meet my husband but my mom keeps getting RSVP's to the "reception" some of my friends are traveling quite a ways so I would like to make it fun for them, more of an event. It should be about 100 people, held at a large park pavilion. Any ideas?

  2. What is the best way to serve champayne at a wedding reception?

    I want to offer champayne at a wedding reception. Is it okay to have a seperate table with chilled bottles of champayne and glasses? Or would it look classier to have 2 chilled bottles on each table? I don't want to be overloaded on bottles and have oddles left afterwards. Any ideas on how to have champayne at a wedding????

  3. what games could i have at my wedding reception to entertain guests and especially kids?

    I want to have a fun relaxed wedding reception (with about 200 guests.) It is going to be outside under a tent on a big lawn at a golf course and there is a putting green next to it that i want to bring golf balls, putters and pitching wedges for people to use. I was also wanting to set up something fun for kids to play with thats not messy (i.e. no craft table) or too expensive (i wish we could get a bouncy house.) Any ideas?

  4. What to do with a wedding reception picking cherries/country theme?

    I need some ideas for theme. My wedding reception will be June 6th in Lancaster, Ca. There are lots of beautiful cherry farms. Thought we'd get great pics with about 20-30 people. Having BBQ at my mom's ten acre ranch with miniature ponies. Any ideas to incorporate the cherry/country theme?

  5. What would you think if you walked in a wedding reception?

    I am thinking about having countries instead of table numbers on the tables at my wedding reception and probably the countries flower to go on that table.. Do you think that would be nice or should I try something else? ( I appreciate all opinions but please don't answer if you are going to put stupid answers) We're not big travelers (yet) but it's some places we dream of traveling to and I just want to be different and have our reception set apart from other receptions our guests have been to

  6. What kind of table cloths should I use for my lodge wedding?

    My wedding/reception will be at a two story lodge beside a river. The lodge is all beautiful wood. I dont want to use ivory table cloths because I feel like that would be too formal and take away from the wood. My colors are sage green, navy and brown. Ideas for table cloths that arent ivory? Oh, and the plates are navy!

  7. What are some outrageous themes for a wedding?

    Its gonna be for the wedding reception you know the works! From the table display to the napkins and cups. give me a cool idea or theme :) just be creative! throw it out there! I have to design a wedding reception dinner for class and the most creative wins. And to all those who will say to do my own homework and come up with my own ideas, i had already asked my teacher if it matters where we got the idea from, she said no as long as we can deliver a great wedding reception dinner display.

  8. How can I make indoor daytime reception have romantic night feeling in a natural lighted venue?

    The community hall where I'm having wedding reception is real spacious and open and has glass walls, windows, and doors covering both ends of hall. Although the reception will go into the night it will start hours before the sun goes down. With all of the sunlight coming in I was wondering if anyone had ideas on how I can decorate it to where it will be dark and elegant with only candlelit tables and spotlights providing light. The venue only allows freestanding decorations.

  9. How can I create better lighting for my wedding reception?

    I am having my wedding reception in my church fellowship hall and the lighting there is 100% fluorescent. The reception is scheduled to start around 6:00 pm. I would like to just keep these lights off and use something else, but I am not sure what to use that could light the whole room without using too many different fixtures. I would like it to look more "romantic". The hall is not all that big, just very open. Any ideas would be appreciated...

  10. Does anyone have any ideas for do it yourself reception centerpieces?

    My daughter is having a formal wedding, and to cut down on costs, we have decided to do the centerpieces for the reception tables ourself. Does anyone have any ideas for low cost yet elegant centerpiece ideas that we can do. We can't use candles, fire restriction code or something like that at reception hall. The wedding colors are eggplant/grape , lavender, and fuchia.

  11. How much did you pay for your wedding reception total? How much for everything individually?

    How much did you pay for everything at your wedding reception?; how much for wedding planner? How much for hall rental? how much for tables? how much for chairs? how much for the cake? how much for flowers/centerpieces? everything else? also, if you have any pics of your wedding that you are willing to share could you please email them to me at shiffaiqbal@yahoo.com for me to get ideas? thank you.