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Reception Table Ideas Guests Questions Answered!

  1. Reception only ideas for making it fun and memorable?

    We're getting married out of town - destination/elopement-style. When we return, we are planning on having a dinner reception. I don't want people to be bored, so does anyone have ideas on how to make it fun? We are going to have it catered, music in the background, cake...but not the traditional "first dance" and things like that. Any ideas?

  2. What are some good ideas to camouflage a church reception hall?

    My best friend is getting married and she insists on having the reception in the reception hall of the church. How can I camouflage the hall in keeping with a spring garden ball theme? Of course we're going to have lots of flowers and candles and lights... what else can I do?

  3. Any ideas about wedding seating during the ceremony?

    We are having an outdoor rustic-like wedding at my dad's place in October. Other than the usual chairs does anyone have any cute ideas for seating during the ceremony? If you do please tell me were I might find these types of seats . thanks!

  4. What are some ideas for a small pavillion wedding for 40 people and no dance floor?

    I am planning a wedding for myself and i have 40 people on the guest list. The pavillion holds 60 on pinic tables but there really isnt much room for anything else. My maid of honor is planning everything but im not sure if there will be room for a DJ and a dance floor to even dance. I have been planning this wedding for 2 years and now i have finally found a place to have it at but i have to cut back on some things because there isnt much room. I like the idea of dancing at my wedding but im seriously considering just making a playlist and not doing any dancing. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas as what i can do so my guest still have fun?

  5. When should the bride and groom walk the room at the reception?

    My fiance and I are not planning on having a receiving line but plan on "walking the room" to greet our guests that way. When is the best time for us to do that? Please answer soon, my wedding is in two weeks (June 27, 2009)!

  6. Whats your opinion of a chocolate fountain at a wedding reception or cocktail hour?

    Hi there! I am thinking about getting a chocolate fountain for our cocktail hour or wedding reception. Has anyone ever been to a wedding with one? What did you think of it?

  7. What are some great wedding reception ideas?

    My friend is having her wedding at a ceremony and reception hall in May. They want the ceremony to be kind of tropical. What are some good and unique ideas for the reception?

  8. How can I make my wedding reception fun and memorable?

    We're having a traditional, romantic ceremony. But I want our guests to have fun during the reception so their memories of it don't blur with every other reception they've ever been to. Do you have any good ideas?

  9. How can I creatively set a guest table for a buffet using paper partyware? Any good ideas?

    This is for a 25th Wedding Anniversary/Vow Renewal. I will need round tables for the guest but wanted to use less expensive tableware so that I don't have to spend a fortune on rentals. Thanks for your ideas!

  10. Anyone have any ideas on how to use a full bottle of wine as a centerpiece?

    I am considering making a batch of homemade wine for our wedding. I thought it would be nice, and inexpensive, to use them for the centerpieces. One guest at each table could also take the bottles home. Any ideas on how to make the centerpieces?