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Office Reception Table Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. How long does it take to plan a Wedding?

    I got engaged on Sunday :-D :-D and we want to start wedding planning. We have no idea where to start, how long it will take, how much it will cost.....I know it depends on the wedding, but some kind of idea would help us greatly. Please share your experiences xx

  2. How to keep a crawling 13mth old happy and safe for 2hrs whilst at work with me?

    I am getting some extra work helping out a friend do end of lease cleans...Meaning i want bubs off the floor (dont want him putting anything nasty in his mouth)... he is quite active, and he hates the playpen... i am wondering for ideas to keep him safe and happy while i work. I will be there but not able to play with him... does anyone else do this and what tips advice do u have for making it work?

  3. How to have a wedding for around 1000 dollars?

    my fiance and i want to get married in april but our funds are tight does any one have any ideas on a nice inexpensive wedding. we live in california and also need some ideas for places to have our wedding that are not very expensive. thank you.

  4. Are there any Investors in Austin Texas that would be willing to invest in a Massage Therapy Business?

    I have a business plan and am still building it to perfection As I hope to open a Massage Therapy practice within the coming year, and I need atleast one Investor, or a Partner willing to go in on this Business with me. I want to open it as a Semi Indoor Outdoor Massage Clinic. With a Greenhouse with a Table set up and plants growing inside, for a Semi Outdoor Massage session incase of rain or Winter season (the client will get the warm cozy effect of being outdoors while relaxing Massage session with the sunlight, while it snows outside, and a Coy Pond with a Bridge over one side to a Platform with a Massage table in the middle, for a open air Outdoor Massage. Of course there will be a Office with a reception area and a waiting area with a Television and Magazine rack on one side and a Display area for the Products and Modalities used in each session. This is a Well thought out plan all the way down to the money it will take to open and run this BUsiness each month.

  5. I live in Suffolk and want to get married creatively and without too much money - any suggestions?

    I don't like the idea of a big wedding at all but we would like to get married this year or next. Would consider a wedding abroad but would also consider a registry office and dinner out somewhere child friendly but special. Have you been to any fab low cost weddings?

  6. I am getting married in english tradition way, can you please tell me the steps?

    I have book the registered office for 1:20 afternoon, after registeration is done what is next thing do? also, what time do we have to serve food? before alcohol or cake? do we have to serve lunch or dinner? PLEASE SEND ME YOUR IDEAS. MOSTLY APPRECIATE IT.

  7. Are you doing any of the reception decorating yourself? ?

    If so, do you have any tips? If you've done this before, do you recommend it, or is it worth the extra money to hire a decorator? Is your venue allowing you to do it the night before or are you rushing on the day of your wedding? Any ideas for the head table, cake table, registry table, and gift table?

  8. My parents 25th anniversary is coming up in a few months - please read details!?

    As the oldest child (I'm 24, my brother is 17) it's mainly my job to plan the party. I do have a big Greek family to help out, but I want to do my best in making this party amazing for my parents. What general things should I keep in mind when planning the party? I'm asking for every little thing I should keep in mind. The party planning has just begun and every suggestion will help! Also, if anyone has any ideas for any extra touches that will make the party really amazing, please share! Thank you all so much!

  9. What are some ideas for a simple and cute wedding?

    i have a budget of about $2000

  10. Who do a majority of the soldiers in Iraq want to become president? ?

    And how many think that the war should come to an end? And how many of the soldiers think that they should be withdrawn from Iraq and the attack should be ended?

  11. im thinking about opening a shop i want a rough idea of how much everything will cost?

    im thinking of opening a baby boutique shop i can get stock easy thats not my problem i haveno idea how much a shop sign will cost or anything like that has anyone got a rough idea and what other things will i need i also can get decor cheap so thats not a problem

  12. Cheap weddings? How can my freind who is 20 years old plan her wedding very cheaply?

    please give any ideas or suggestions that would help save money. Thank you.

  13. what is a sensible budget for a wedding (uk)?

    I want my perfect wedding (like everyone!!) but im totally blown away with how much i should be spending on what etc and am really worried im missing important things out! Hows have you broke down yours? *well that is why im trying to work out a sensible budget! Theres no reason why a couple cant make there day perfect for them, it dosnt mean you'll end up in divorse!