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Unique Reception Table Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Any ideas for out of the ordinary wedding favors?

    My soon to be wife has left it up to me to come up with the wedding favors for our wedding reception coming up. I am looking for some ideas that are a little unusual or unique. Please help.

  2. Any suggestions for unique ideas for wedding decorations and small gifts for the guests?

    I am getting married on the 30th of August and was looking for decorating ideas for the reception, and gift ideas for the guests. We are considering personalised stubby coolers, but how do the women feel about that? We are getting married on the beach, and reception at a cafe overlooking the nearby valley. We are EXTREMELY cost concious as I have recently been made redundant, and money is in short supply. Please help!

  3. How can I save money for and on my wedding?

    I'm getting married this November and Im having a theme of autumn. I don't want to spend very much on the wedding. Mostly because I don't have enough money for a big fancy wedding. I have over 100 guests that I CANT not invite. I've lowered it and it's still over 100. I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas about what I could do to save money. Please, I can use all the help I can get.

  4. What are some unique ideas for a wedding reception?

    I am getting married in June, the service is outside with a gazebo, pond w/ a fountain, ect, then the reception is inside (it is at a country club). I am looking for some interesting ideas for decorations, gifts, flower girls and ring bearers (we are having 2 of each b/c they are just too cute). We want to do things differently, not the same traditional wedding you always go to...

  5. What is a really awesome theme for a wedding?

    Like when you walk into the reception you are just amazed. It can be color schemes or themes or really awesome ideas my main focus is the tables