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Fall Reception Table Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What can I pair with candles for my reception centerpieces?

    My centerpieces consist of a hurricane with a 3x9 candle in the middle (on top of a small mirror), and 5 votives in little votive holders. I'm trying to find something else to accent them. Someone suggested flowers, but we don't have the money for real ones, and I feel like fake ones might look really tacky. Any ideas?

  2. Would it look tacky if all of my tables at my wedding reception were decorated differently?

    I am getting married next autumn, and I have so many ideas for reception center pieces. Would it look okay if I decorated each table differently? Maybe some with pumpkins, some with pine cones, and some with fall flowers?

  3. What do I need for a Backyard Wedding reception?

    Hello! I'm getting married in June. I totally fell in love with the idea of having my wedding reception in my Fiance's parents back yard. I'm looking more into the details and was wondering what I need to do in order to make it happen. Ex: Noise Ordinance, city permission, neighbors??? Any info is greatly appreciated!

  4. Fairy Tale Cinderella Wedding theme ideas needed?

    My friend wants to have a Fairy Tale Cinderella Wedding Theme. Her boyfriend has been calling her his Cinderella/Princess since day one of dating. He is her prince charming. They would like to have it very soon, need help with planning stages of their wedding. They are thinking of Spring or Fall next year.

  5. What message should I put on our personalized wine bottles?

    For our wedding, we're having home-made bottles of wine with personalized labels as favors for our guests. They'll be sitting on the table at their places when they arrive at the reception. What should we have as our personal message? It can only be one line. I've been thinking of something like, "We're glad you're here!" Any better ideas? Thanks for your input! here's a link to the label we'll be using. :) also, the wine won't be consumed at the wedding...it's as a favor for the guests to take home. http://thingsfestive.weddingstar.com/product/modern-floral-monogram-rectangular-label again, thank you for your suggestions!

  6. Any ideas for song selections for our daughter's wedding video?

    We need to pick songs for the following: 1. for the bride and groom and bridal party section 2. intro to the reception 3. intro to the ceremony 4. cake cutting and sweet table.

  7. How do I turn my ugly reception hall into a beautiful one?? i am also on a budget!!?

    My biggest problem is that is looks like a cafeteria , and alot of that is because of the table cloths that the banquet hall supplies. Its very ugly and makes the hall look cheap. What are some ideas I can use to help the table clothes look better. Mainly on the "head table" its the ugliest. The way it falls is what i would like to cover. Also how can i make the room have an alltogether nice feel ? Any ideas would help greatly!! My colors are black, ivory and champagne. :)

  8. I am planning my wedding and need some advice?

    Ok, my fiance and I like the colors red, black and silver. We have choosen to get married early fall but I'm not sure what to do with the reception. I love the idea of stars as we would love to have a outside wedding. Any advice or ideas?

  9. How to cut down wedding costs?

    We basically have $4000 to spend on our wedding with a guest list of just over a hundred people. The caterer, ceremony site, and reception site together costs $2700. My dress is already paid for. Where do I spend the rest??

  10. I need advice for my autumn candy buffet at my wedding?

    I am having a candy bar at my wedding. My colors are chocolate brown and rustic orange. What are some of your favorite candies that would go along with my color scheme? How much candy should i have for 200 guests? What would the cost be? Any display ideas?