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Elegant Reception Table Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Any pics for elegant black and white wedding reception table?

    trying to help my friend with reception ideas. She is doing ivory tablecloth and chair covers...does not want to add too much black. Any ideas? We are having everyone come in black or white

  2. I am newly engaged and want to know how I can plan an elegant stress-free wedding?

    I have so many ideas and things that I want to do, but I want to be able to keep friends and relationships. I am getting married in Atlanta and just want some tips in whatever area. Decorations, planning, flowers, BM dresses, GM suits, etc. Any advice would be appreciated.

  3. How can I keep a wedding simple and intimate, but very elegant?

    Any ideas/tips? Anything. I'm completely open to ideas. For example, what should the decor look like, the table settings, etc. Thank you:)

  4. Im planning a wedding. How important are centerpieces on the tables? ?

    What is most appropriate centerpieces for a ballroom wedding? I never planned a wedding before but I dont want to spend lots of money on centerpieces but I dont want to look tacky either. Using roses for bridal party. Anyone have ideas? Irish theme wedding in September. Thank you in advance for your input. Are centerpieces important?

  5. Where to have a wedding and reception in one?

    I am looking for a place around marshall mi to have a wedding and reception at the same place. The problem i am having is there are not many places that will hold over 200 guests. I have even looked into renting a tent for the back yard, but we want this to be an elegant wedding and the tent and tables alone are 1900, not counting any decorations and that seems like a lot to us. Any ideas would greatly be appreciated!

  6. Ideas on how to display silver plasticware at buffet table at reception?

    Can I do sort of an elegant display or is it best to wrap in napkins for ease of carrying plate of food?

  7. Are you doing anything extra to decorate your reception hall?

    My reception hall is very pretty, with mirrored ceilings, wall sconces, gorgeous carpet, and a shiny dance floor. However, my mom feels like it needs some more decoration other than just the floral centerpieces. What can I do besides draping (ceilings are too low) that'll tie together the elegant look of the venue? We are already putting low votive candles with scattered rose petals around the centerpieces. Anything I can put on the walls besides posters/pictures, which I think look cheesy? Any ideas? Thanks!

  8. What colors should we use for our wedding?

    The adjectives I would use to describe our wedding: 1. Elegant 2. Classy 3. Memorable We want these things. I would like to have slight Japanese influences here and there. For example, the bridesmaids bouquets could be cherry blossoms, or the reception centerpieces could be japanese table lanterns with candles and flowers, etc. What colors would fit best? Please give us about 3 ideas for variety. Thanks.

  9. How many silk rose petals should I buy for my wedding reception?

    They come in packages of 100 to 1,000.... I need to use them for my centerpieces on 12 guest tables, the cake table, and the place card table and probably need some extra. Any ideas?!

  10. I need some ideas for my wedding that wont cost an arm and a leg?

    I live in georgia the church and reception hall is free I just need some ideas for food centerpieces music anything u have ideas for that wont cost me a crazy amount. All ideas are welcome and thanks so much.