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Can anyone recommend a good course of study for middle school zoology?

We are homeschooling and our daughter is interested in studying zoology. I've tried searching for books, but all I seem to find are high-school and college level. Are there any good material out there (books, websites, software, etc.) that would make for a good starter course in zoology?


  1. A Zoology course that has an Intelligent Design/Creationist viewpoint is offered by Apologia Publishing. They have a three-part Zoology course that was written for homeschool flexibility, (for instance if you had two children a couple years apart and wanted to teach their science together, you can do that.) So the books are adaptable for all upper elementary and middle school and can be taught in any order. Zoology 1 is flying creatures Zoology 2 is swimming creatures Zoology 3 is land animals The Apologia.com website has a really weird layout and they want you to log on to really see anything, and they charge full price too, so the "source" link (at the very bottom of my post) takes you to CBD instead where you can actually see the table of contents and read excerpts and reviews of the books. (They also have Botany and Astronomy for this level) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you want a website that will help you make your own course of study you can try this one http://www.kids.gov/6_8/6_8_science_animals.shtml ...and if you want an evolution viewpoint, most of the middle school ones are biology texts with a zoology section.

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