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What kind of computer would be good for a college student? cant be a laptop.?

i need to be able to type essays on it for sure and just be able to do a lot of typing, have music on it for my ipod, have some sort of feature to help me with pictures like ex. retouching when i download them from my camera, and just things like features i will need to help me with my college like and work


  1. The mac pc computer or dell i am very satisfied with both company results
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  3. mac
  4. Why not a laptop? You can get a good quality laptop that will do what you need for well under $1,000. Otherwise, just about any computer will do. I'm using an Acer I picked up at BJ's for $500 complete as a web server - it's more than powerful enough for anything you need (and it just keeps running and running ...). http://shop.bjs.com/Acer-22--34--Desktop-PC-with-Intel-Pentium-Dual-Core-Desktop-Processor-E2200--4-096MB-DDR2--640GB-HDD-Front-Page_stcVVproductId63166571VVcatId428349VVviewprod.htm Even adding a membership (although you can probably get a free one day pass) it's cheap.
  5. Just about any PC on the market today will do the things that you need. If you are going to get involved in gaming, serious photo-shopping, graphics design, etc. then you need to look for some specialized equipment with better graphics capability, faster processing, etc. Just about anything out there right now is going to come with at least 2 gig of RAM, and that is going to serve your purposes. Laptops are nice in that you can drag them along with you to class to take notes, etc., but they have their drawbacks, too. Their portability, coupled with their value, makes them vulnerable to being stolen. Go to the library, set it on a table, walk off for just a second to get a book, it will be gone when you get back. You have to been constantly aware of your laptop - constantly. Also, they get really warm really quickly. A laptop should be used on a cooling station - an additional expense and one more thing to lug around. If you use them sitting on your lap or lying on your bed they can't get rid of the excess heat and that damages the computer. Which leads me to the last thing I don't like about them - they are fragile. All three of my daughters have had or currently have laptops. All of them have had to be replaced in 2 years of service or less. Power cords (expensive!) break, keys pop off, screens detatch from the base, you name it. It seems like they are not really robust enough for the handling college kids give them. My suggestion? A medium quality PC - spend your money on a good quality flat-screen monitor and a really good printer. Pick up a couple of decent speakers, too so you can listen to your music and watch movies. Along with the speakers, get a comfortable set of headphones so your roommate doesn't have to listen to your music when she is studying. Good luck in college - have a great time.

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