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how can i promote abstinence to teens?

im a teen mentor and need some advice on how u think i could reach out to them?


  1. You have to tell them the consiquinces and the pains of sex and having a baby.
  2. Actually today at the mall there was some sort of youth group that put on a concert about abstinance with a skit. It was retarded but for a good cause.
  3. I dont know that you can. You can tell them the pros and cons all you want but in the end they will do what they want. I think that a better way is to tell all the different ways they can go about it. Safe sex, abstinence, teen motherhood.... Let them decide for themselves.
  4. You just have to be honest with them. Don't try and scare them. Don't try and bully them. Build up a good repertoire with them and approach the subject as a friend, not as someone who is judging them or trying to control them. I know teaching abstinence doesn't really include awareness as far as safety precautions but I am a FIRM believer that people should know how to stay safe should they make that decision. You have to be realistic when you do something like this and realize that while a lot of people will promise up and down that they won't have sex before they're married... it doesn't always wind up like that. Should they be in the position where they do have sex, they need to at least be smart about it. Good luck.
  5. I'm sorry and this is probably not the answer you want to hear, but! You can talk to your blue in the face! All you can do is try and promote safe sex and more birth control! It is inevitable! Kids will be kids and they think that they know every thing! STD's and teen pregnancy is out of control! We can't stop the sex, but try and help the STD and more pregnancy's from occurring!! I wish you the best of luck and more poeple should care about this more!!!!!
  6. let them know the nasty things about being pregnant. The discharges, the wet shirts from your nipples leaking, The burning of peeing after you give birth, 6 week or longer periods, or the pain of labor, your spouse seeing you crap on yourself giving birth, no partying for 12 months and sometimes forever if you don't have support, or there is ALOT more!
  7. Tell people not to think of us as whores,or sluts or immature and not for everyone to lump us into a pile of sex starved people cause not all teens are like that!!
  8. Just tell them what will happen if they have sex or get pregnant. All you can do is educate them. If they really want to have sex bad enough they are gonna do it no matter what you say. So if they are going to do it make sure you tell them to use condoms.
  9. Try treating teens like equals. then we might consider listening to your moaning. Refraining from something you like is unhealthy & particularly boring, So I dont think anyone below 20 will listen in the slightest, if they do they don't know what abstinence is, & when they find out they won't listen anymore. so yeah.
  10. I went to YC 2006 in Newfoundland, It is a powerful Youth retreat. A Dr. there spoke about not having sex until marrige. If you google search "abstinence" there are tips to promoting this to uneducated teen. The Dr. also explained how amazing you will feel on your wedding night, not having sex before, not having to think in bed how you compare to his other girlfriends. Also He told us if there were 100 girls having sex, with condoms or birth control, about ten of the would become pregnant. Abstinence is the only way to be one hundred percent sure of not getting pregnant.
  11. just show them a video of a women giving birth...that made me want to wait...eww...gave me nightmares
  12. Chapter 24 in the following book is designed to help youth with just that problem. Here is it's forward ... "Recognizing the need for honest, workable answers to the questions of today’s youth, Awake! magazine inaugurated a feature entitled “Young People Ask . . . ” in January 1982. The series immediately drew a favorable reader response. “The series is evidence of your continued interest in the plight of young people today,” wrote one appreciative reader. “I hope and pray that these articles never end,” wrote another. - Yet another young reader put it this way: ‘I am 14 years old and I never knew growing up could be so hard. There is so much pressure on young kids today. That is why I am very grateful for the articles. 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