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How did you do this??? help with my son?

Im trying to get my ten month old to walk... while I do know that all babies Develop at their own pace, Im kinda worried cues he doesn't even like to stand up against the sofa.. what kinda activity's did you do with your son or daughter to help them walk.. what age were they when they walked thank you thankyou ladies these help but still would like to hear from anyone else thankyou


  1. Assist them walking, hold him around the waist and try to let him walk. Just try and do some games around the house that require movement and eventually he will walk
  2. Walking comes naturally, you don't have to do anything.
  3. hold his hands stand behind him and put his feet on your feet and slowly walk ALOT and then have one person behind him and one in front and have him walk to the person. If you want to make him go somewhere take his favorite toy or food with you!
  4. Hi my baby started walking between 11-12 months . one of my friends baby started walking after 16th month . its nothing to worry about he/she will develop at his/her own pace . just make sure he is having balanced diet and good sleep. 10 months is still too early . wait for another 2 months then u will not be able to catch him .try placing his favourite toy on the sofa and tell him to get it. gradually move the toy from one place to another . he will love these kind of challanges . so good luck and dont worry .
  5. you can try letting him hold on to your leg and walk with you .. or you can by him a walker which he can find fun considering its a toy to them.. also you can stand behind him and take him by his hands and help him make his way around the house which he might enjoy.. do you have any animals? becuase my little cousin use to stand up and hold on to the side of my aunts dog and walk around with the dog which was how he learned.. goodluck!
  6. they should walk by 1 yr
  7. Please stop trying to force your infant to walk. he doesn't have to walk until 18 months. He is only half way there. Average walking is 13-15 months. If he walked now he would be on the very early side of normal. Give him a reason to pull up to a coffee table etc. Put cheerios on it for him to eat. But don't try to force him to stand up if he doesn't want to. His body isn't designed for it yet. Is he crawling? It is best if babies crawl for several months before walking. He doesn't have to pull up until 15 months. Your just thinking this happens earlier then it really does for most kids. You can also get a push toy for them, the kind they can put some weight on. My guys crawled at 5 months and walked at the end of 14 months. Early on crawling, normal on walking. Babies who walk very early become bow-legged. There is really no benefit to early walking. There are some studies that show that crawling for a long time is best, as it strengthns muscles for climbing.
  8. You don't TRY to get a ten month old to walk! They will walk when they are good and ready. You could harm him by pushing .

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