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what to say when my parents fight and bring me in the middle of it?

my mom and my step dad fight all the time. they always seem to come to me for answers, one will come to me and complain about the other or ask questions i cant answer. ive already told them both to leave me alone but when i get mad n tell them to keep me out of it they say dont like it move out. what am i suppose to do with that or how am i suppose to get them to leave me alone with out moving out.


  1. Well how old are you?? And if your old enuff to move out, why dont you??? Maybe the only way to get out of the stress of them fighting with each other and bringing there problems for you to pick and choose which one is wrong and right... Sometimes adults act like lil kids.. Learn this and when and if you have a family of your own someday you'll know thats not what you want life to be like.. GOODLUCK
  2. When you sense it is going to rain, do you stand there and wait for it to happen or do you look for cover? You have been in that family long enough to know when trouble is brewing, so get the heck out of there! Go to a friends house, a walk, to the mall or a movie. Then (because of past experience) you know when it ends, come back home. Go to google search and type in "Free Christian Marriage counseling" and print out the results and lay it on the table just before they get into it and as you are leaving out the door. Make lots of copies. If they manage to get a hold of you before you make it to the door to draw you into "their" arguement, just give them a look of bewilderment, like you don't know what the heck they are talking about. Its not your argument, right? No one has every been accused of something for saying nothing. If you must say something: "I am just a kid and dont have the experience to draw on." Repeat as often as necessary. No other words are necessary. Source(s) Free Marriage Help, Marriage Counseling and Christian Advice from ...Free Marriage Help, Marriage Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Christian Marriage Counseling, Coaching and Marriage Advice For Christian Marriages and Other ... www.marriageromance.com/counse... - 11k - Cached - Similar pages Free Godly Marriage Counseling, Focus on the Family, Dawson McAllisterThere is help for a bad marriage. If you need free godly marriage counseling, see our links below. A good christian marriage is God's heart! ... divorcehope.com/godlymarriagec... - 18k - Cached - Similar pages Christian Counseling Online - Free Counseling InformationGreat Marriage Counseling Resources Christian Counseling Online was designed to ... Free Christian Counseling Newsletter Now there's more free stuff. ... www.christian-counseling-onlin... - 41k - Cached - Similar pages Christway Counseling Center | Professional Christian Marriage ...Christway Counseling Center offers professional Christian marriage ... Enter your e-mail address below to receive our free marriage tips newsletter: ... www.christwaycounseling.com/ - 39k - Cached - Similar pages Christian Marriage :: Marriage Enrichment at Growthtrac ...Growthtrac is a great place for free advice on topics like love making, ... Christian marriage counseling referrals are available on the Growthtrac site. ... www.growthtrac.com/ - 50k - Cached - Similar pages American Association of Christian CounselorsTrue pastoral/Christian counseling not only studies depravity—the sins we have .... Turn Your Life Around. Join AACC. Free Sign Up! Counseling eNews & Info ... www.aacc.net/ - 61k

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