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Can I please have some tips on a Christmas table setting?

My family and I are flying to meet my aunt and uncle in Alice Springs, NT, for christmas, and it is my responsibility to decorate the table for out Christmas lunch. I would like some ideas, tips or suggestions, on what would look good. Also most of the stuff needs to be able to be pre-made or easy and quick to make when we get there. Thanks


  1. I do not know what they are called, but they are like small wreaths that surround a candle or group of candles. These have poinsettias, fake holly berries, etc. You could get some colorful bowl fill them with water and add some floating candles. That is all I have, sorry! Hope you find some good ideas! :)
  2. You could start with thinking about the kind of table that you want to set. You say its a Christmas lunch so it might not need to be so formal. And if there will be a lot of family members with kids there it could be kind of a fun table. A good start could be a nice table cloth and napkins, with napkin rings that help to point up your theme. You could go with a nature type theme, and use pine cones, acorns and maybe even pine branches. You could put the branches in a large vase with water and decorate them with some very unique ornaments (though not too many so that each one is well displayed!) You could perhaps use antique (not necessarily real antique) toys around a small Christmas tree, or maybe a toy train. Maybe a Christmas village, the little houses and people can be purchased before hand pretty much anywhere. You could even decorate the table with beautifully decorated cookies on pretty desert plates and stands with ornaments and pine sprigs here and there. Hope that helps a bit. Don't forget to have fun doing it, if you do I'm sure your family will love it. Or at least it'll make a great conversation piece!

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