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What are some cheap but cute wedding table decoration ideas?

I am on a budget, My wedding is almost exactly one month away. I don't have any table decorations. Any ideas? I thought about buying red streamers and having candles on the table. Colors are apple red, white and silver.


  1. just put some boiled peanuts on each table.
  2. just maby go with red cadles who cares???
  3. what about red, white & green jelly beans in a square glass :):) few gold and red candles around it :) would look cute
  4. goldfish in a bowl. then raffle it off, or use guppies the color of your wedding. really is a cute idea. or colored stones with the fish
  5. You could do some fake flowers (make sure they look good) and have the candle in the middle of them... Or I've seen a candle floating in a sphere looking water bowl... you can decorate the out side with you colors..
  6. I don't know any table decorations but I do have a suggestion sorry if if doesn't pertain to what your asking but at ny wedding we had disposable cameras on the table and the pictures we got back from those we so awesome cuz ya know you can be with everyone all the time and video guest book is cool too congrats
  7. love the colors!! my sister's colors were green and white. we put little bowls of dark green, light green, and clear chinese marbles in them wiht a green or white candle in each one. the effect was very nice. also, sprinkle fake flower petals around a little to make it look pretty. and if you dont want to throw rice because it harms the birds, throw birdseed but what makes the best pictures is if everyone blows bubbles. they turned out very cool looking
  8. http://www.do-it-yourself-weddings.com/cheap-wedding-centerpiece.html http://www.cheap-wedding-solutions.com/images/center3.jpg I just went to a search engine and typed in cheap centerpieces and got some ideas. Since your wedding is a month way, just try some fake flowers that you can make a centerpiece out of or just use candles as your centerpiece.
  9. PLZ don't go with streamers they are so fugly and tacky! Try going with a ring of flowers and whatever greenery you choose at the base of red taper candles!
  10. I had a friend who did potted plants and then whoever had a number on the bottom of their chair( tape them on prior) got to take them home. You can get cheep pansy's, geraniums, daisy's etc at a wal mart type store. Good luck and congratulations!!
  11. I am doing family pictures from other weddings on the table...it'll be a talking point...those $1.50 vases from Ikea, with 2 goldfish in them from Walmart....
  12. what i would do is get a few small pretty glass containers and most flower shops sell this packets of gel stuff that look like crystals and anyway u can get it in all sorts of colors then fill up those glass containers and then place a flower in the top something like this http://www.flickr.com/photos/19373141@N00/480688431/ but u can make it with just one flower or however many u want then id put some smalls candles
  13. What about just a nice glass bowl of red apples?? http://onossocasamento.pt/files/8X0C_apple-centerpiece-070918.jpg http://farm1.static.flickr.com/142/353705629_3c555a3cc4.jpg Could look elegant or and you could possibly find the bowls at dollar or discount stores for cheap.
  14. Search the Dollar Tree or other dollar stores: Red pillar candles sitting on a mirror Red pillar candles sitting on a inexpensive silver tray Glass vase with floating candles (make sure they are floating candles) Any of your friends have a paper shredder? Make some red and/or silver confetti to sprinkle on your white (I'm assuming) tablecloths. I don't know if you're this brave, but saw this on Martha Stewert's wedding website. The used empty tin cans (silver) as flower holders. Fill with red flowers http://www.wedcheaper.com/centerpiece.html (P.S. Ignore the crazy person who is adding thumbs down to all of these ideas. They may not be what you want, but at least they can get you started with coming up with something on your own. Gee...... haha)
  15. my colors were green and brown. what i did was bought bamboos put them in square vases that were small-medium sized and i filled the vases with rounded stones that i bought at ikea (i bought the vases there too, i bought the bamboos at the dollar store) all in all i think everything cost about 30-35 dollars. since my reception was outside and at night i also surrounded the bamboos with candles. i thought it was neat and the guest loved it if you'd like a pic email me =D
  16. I wouldn't do streamers, thats tacky. Instead I would do candles with a nice tule around them, or a silk flower holder....floating candles in nice bowls are beautiful also. Good Luck!

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