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What is a good table decoration that can be done with martini glasses for a wedding?

I've decided to use martini glasses as table decorations for my wedding i was planning to have the cracked ice stuff dyed orange and put a tiger lily on top. I don't know anymore my colors are ivory and chocolate brown with orange as an accent color. Any suggestions or pictures of any ideas would be helpful!! Thanks!!


  1. This site has a lot of photos and ideas, all in martini glasses. http://www.fancyfaces.com/showevent.php?event=Martini+Party
  2. Fill them with orange candies or orange colored white chocolates... put fortune cookies in them.... put something inside that the guests can take away as a token from the event... orientaltrading.com has some really cute, inexpensive favor and party ideas... try them out.. good luck and congrats!
  3. melt candle wax and dried flowers together and add a wick. make nice candle holders? hmm maybe theyll crack?
  4. maybe fill a few of them with water and put in a floating candle, put a mirror plate underneath these glasses so when the candle is lit, it reflects onto the mirror. and with the ones you put the lily in, maybe add a little dark green napkin or cloth around the base of the glass (near the table) just drape it around the glass--or add a few "leaves" to each glass to compliment the flower.
  5. Fill them with candies. Everyone would enjoy that!
  6. You can put some orange rose leafs over the table and use a white or bege (white brown) cover for the table. Try to find a rose with the same color of the Martini. That looks clean, easy and fits to modern or even classic decoration.
  7. GREAT site Violet Pearl!
  8. Votive candles that have a rounded point on top (like Partylite) turned upside down or cracked ice with tapers in them.
  9. Are you using it as a centerpiece? if so you could get ones that are a little bigger than usual (at like a craft store) and you could stripe the glass with the ivory and choc. brown either with paint or ribbon or leave it plain, and if you like them you could get Gerber Daisy's in a really pretty orange and cut them at the base and float in a little bit of water and then circle the glass with tea lights or some kind of candle. Hope it helps, maby give a spark to get a good ides.
  10. what about putting some water in them with floating candles, putting sand in the in your colors and a large flower setting on top of the sand, m&m's in your colors, glue a ribbon in your colors around the outside and put a flower or something on the meeting point
  11. In the glass you could put a orange colored liquid in there. Then put some floating candles ontop.
  12. My colors are ivory and brown as well - and though I LOVE the martini glass idea, I wouldn't use orange as a color splash (I'm using natural leaf green and only on my centerpieces with calla lillies and my bouquet will be calla lillies with some green). When I think of a martini, I think of an apple martini- so I'd put apple green dyed ice crystals in it and for some color, use real lemons. It'll definitely be different and the yellow will match your decor and the lemon will leave a light fragrant smell. Good luck.

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