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What kind of stores can you buy table decorations at?

So, my 'sister in law' is trying to find stores or places she can buy some sort of "table decorations" for the reception for her wedding? I have no idea what kind of stores that would be ideal. Any Ideas?


  1. I got my white satin tablecloths at K-mart and my mom made the flower arrangements to put on each table. We had these pebbles in the vases that matched the color scheme of the wedding and we also used those "aquagems" to put into some vases as well. We got the pebbles, the aquagems, and ribbons at our local craft store (Michael's). Oh and I almost forgot, we got these satin table runners to add color to each table and we ordered those from smartyhadaparty.com.
  2. At walmart, k-mart, party city...hell even the $1 store has them.
  3. Target Walmart Kohls Dollar Tree Dollar General It just depends on what she wants! There is also Ebay and Etsy.
  4. Any party store.
  5. yes, http://www.homeseasons.com has really great decorations, i love them i buy from them all year round!!

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