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What are some good ideas for an alice in wonderland themed tea party?

I amusing white and red streamers and scattering cards on the table. miss-matched china but is ther anything else i could do to make it perfect? i want to make it the best because it's for a friend thanks. yeah everyone was already dressing up


  1. the china should be cups and saucers. Teapots with a range of teas, tiny little sandwiches and mini cupcakes. White lacy tablecloths are a nice idea. Perhaps get the guests to dress like alice in wonderland and do some op shop scrounging for bits and pieces. can you get hold of a dvd soundtrack from alice?
  2. How old are the people coming? More grown up tea party, decorations from the "casino" section of PartyAmerica or some such, little cookies with "eat me" and "take one" iced on them, real or fake oysters for the walrus, a host dressed as a mad hatter, a hookah-inspired punch bowl, a croquette game in the back yard with all the pink flamingos you can beg or borrow put around, put an enormous caterpillar made out of painted butcher paper circles on a wall with some giant mushrooms to make guests look small, for smaller guests you can have face painting and make them a cheshire cat, doormouse or white rabbit, or paint hearts/spades/clubs on them. Sounds fun!
  3. you'll need to smoke lots of Opium. that will help in setting the mood, most likely.
  4. I don't think you need opium. The caterpillar didn't go to the tea party. You could maybe ask the guests to wear mad hats. Make the tea set an assortment of different cups and saucers and several tea pots. Get mismatched chairs.
  5. cups and saucers

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