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Does anyone have any unique wedding ceremony and reception ideas?

We are looking for different kinds of ideas for ceremony and reception that our guest would truly remember our wonderful wedding day. As many ideas as you can think of would be greatly thought of! It could be from cake, table decorations, anything imaginable. Thank you!


  1. I just did a wedding that took place in the middle of a field. It was very romantic and sweet. Below is the blog post with the pics if you're interested. As for the reception, I would say pick a theme that reflects your personality and add elements that make it unique to you as a couple! Congratulations!
  2. Our DJ took pictures of our guests and family at the cocktail hour and during the reception and then posted them on a video screen. After the wedding was over we were able to keep the CD he made of all the pictures. Before our entrance into the reception the DJ made a video slide show of when we were younger then gradually getting older and then he put pics of our engagement and then we entered. "The Hands of the Bride and Groom" poem always gets me http://www.maweddingguide.com/planning/Ceremony/poetry.htm Hope that helps
  3. arrange ceremony in totally high AC hall and every thing should be designed from ice slabs, eatables should be very hot
  4. My sister and her husband are both English teachers: Their center pieces were stacks of books with candles and flowers. Each table was a different author, the kids table was Shel Silverstein. Instead of place cards to find your table they used bookmarks with poems or quotes from the tables author. I loved how they took something from their live and used it as a theme. Another thing they did, because the wedding was outside and during the summer, they had buckets with cold bottled water for their guests, SUPER NICE.

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