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What are some good wedding decoration ideas that will stand out?

My fiance and I are getting married July 26, 2008 and we have most of the planning organized.. My aunt is a wedding coordinator with her own business.. but we are just looking for one kind of decorative thing to stand out... i really didnt want to go with a theme because i would have to match everything together and remember im trying to keep it inexpensive... any ideas on what to go with the horse and carriage decorations... ? my colors are Pink, Red, and white. its not a big wedding.... but very nice.. we have a horse and carriage built and its white its for when we march down the aisle and take our pics standing on... cant really explain it.. but it will be pretty.. someone gave me the ideas to make it look dreamy, luminous, and romantic with white lights and candles... do anyone else have any ideas...? it will be greatly appreciated... dont hestitate to give your input...


  1. If your venue allows open flames, have candles, candles, candles - different heights, colors, square pillars, round pillars, tealights, floating, tapers in crystal candle holders etc.... to add sparkle, you can place them on mirrors of various shapes & sizes - the light reflects and it is gourgeous! You can accent the tables with fresh or silk rose petals. If using fresh, the best thing to do is keep them on the roses until shortly before the reception - break off the blooms of the roses and sprinkle them on about an hour before the reception (you will probably need to ask a friend to do this,) That will keep the petals looking fresh all evening. If you are not able to have open flames you can go with battery candles. If you don't care for the way the battery operated candles work, here's a trick. ... Buy mid-quality pillar candles of various heights, colors, etc.. - you don't want to go with low end because they won't burn nicely and you don't want to go with high end because they will take forever to burn for this project - Since you have a year, you have plenty of time to prepare for this - burn the pillar candles long enough for the centers to drop down 1.5 to 3 inches - take battery operated tealights and place them down inside - you will have the look of a lit pillar candle without an open flame and you won't be able to see the battery operated candle. You can experiment - it is lovely. White lights wrapped in tulle is lovely to. You can use it to wrap columns, to accent tables such as the gift table, place card table, entrances etc... A very nice touch is to make sure you carry over your decorations into the restrooms - in this case, candles and petals. It's something that really gets noticed. You can also place courtesy baskets in the restrooms - nail files, tissues, hair spray, lotion, mints etc.... The guests LOVE it! Best wishes!!
  2. I seen this at a friends wedding. Take Styrofoam hearts, wrap battery operated lites around that, then add some batting or tulle around the lites and the heart shaped Styrofoam, attach that to a small base.Inside the heart they spray painted toy miniatures of carriages in silver.It was different , and I thought very pretty. They had about 75 guests. Good luck to you , I'm sure what ever you think up, your day will be perfect! Congratulations
  3. I did this for an event.... get the LED lights that you can drop down into a vase... They light up - are unique - and look cool! We had tall vases, dropped the light and had calla lilies in the vases. Very Classy. Also, for a large wedding shower I bought cylinder shaped vases (pretty large). I put colored marbles, glass beads at the bottom and filled 3/4 with water and floated rose petals on top. I very unique idea... large round or cylinder vases - purchase feeder goldifsh - colorful orange/dark yellow/reddish orange - and use them for centerpieces. Surely they will draw attention and be the most unique centerpiece your guests have ever seen!
  4. Hi there I make personalised wine charms for weddings. they are a beautiful ring that wraps around the bottom of the wine glass in your color theme, and have the guests name in beads. They are really beautiful and a great keepsake for your guest to take home with them. Email me and I'll give you my website, or you can buy them from me through ebay. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=190137060794&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT

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