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What are good Jungle Wedding Decoration ideas?

I'm planning a different type of reception for my wedding. I want it jungle themed, because my soon-to-be husband and I both share a love for animals of all sorts. I have a few ideas but I need more ideas to make it work. Serious replies only PLEASE!


  1. Make cocktails and drinks with lots of fruit, and make big leaves out of A1 sheets of green paper. I'm sure you could buy or make jungle themed invitations too, either way, have fun on your big day and all the best of luck :) xo
  2. Hard to contribute without any idea of what your venue looks like, but my first thought is to bring in some big trees and hang lanterns from the branches to create a jungle-like but romantic atmosphere. For centerpieces you could do candelabras wrapped in vines. If you are using a lighting designer you could have them project a tree canopy effect on the ceiling. If your wedding is outside, you could do a safari theme circa 1920s with lounge seating under canopies draped in white sheer fabric and lots of candle light. You could incorporate the animals with sepia-toned prints of animals on the table numbers and in the other paper items. Congrats on the wedding!
  3. These Cookies Are SUPER Cute!!! http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2460/3620591716_e13c6d282d.jpg These Cupcakes Are Cute Also =) http://media.cakecentral.com/modules/coppermine/albums/userpics/627221/jungle.jpg This Backdrop is Really nice... http://www.flickr.com/photos/the_prop_factory/3776199159/ Invites.. http://ny-image0.etsy.com/il_fullxfull.50793600.jpg Cake.. http://media.cakecentral.com/modules/coppermine/albums/userpics/485783/normal_jungletheme.jpg http://www.cakesbystefanie.com/images/front_of_jungle_cake.JPG =) I will look for more
  4. Congratulations! Hope these give you some ideas. http://www.themepartiesnmore.com/wed_jungle.html For a wedding, I personally would go for a more amazon jungle theme than the next one. http://theweddingdecorator.blogspot.com/2008/04/jungle-fever-wedding-theme.html http://www.wedding-flowers-and-reception-ideas.com/jungle-centerpiece.html
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