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What flowers will be in season for my wedding in August?

I have a cream and green theme and would like to use this in the flowers. We are doing the table decorations ourselves so any tips would be great. If anyone can give us ideas for cheaper options that would be great too - ive eaten well into my budget !!! Help !!


  1. All I know is that Gladiolas are the Birth flower for August(whish is one of my FAVORITES) I am assuming because that is when they bloom, but I am not positive. They come in many different colors and are VERY beautiful. Hope this helps. Good luck!
  2. I am a wedding floral designer. Most flowers are available in August except things like Lilac, daffodils, tulip, and maybe a few others. Most flowers can be shipped here from Holland or South America, so at the right price, you can pretty much get what you want. Flowers like hydrangeas, roses, lisianthus, stock, stephanotis etc, are grown all year round somewhere.
  3. Gardenias!! The great "big" August Beauty ones should be in bloom depending on where you live. You could just buy the plants at Home Depot or something and cut the blooms yourself. It would help save money on the flowers, plus you could plant the bushes at your house (or at someone else's house if you're in an apartment or something). It would be a wonderful reminder of your wedding every year when they bloom. My mom did the flowers for our wedding and just bought plants from the garden center to use for the greens in our arrangements, I still have one of the plants that she cut greens from. You can also try looking online at wholesale florist places, or if you have a Costco or Sam's club nearby you can save tons on flowers there. I get 2 dozen roses at Costco for $14.99. Congratulations and best wishes!!!
  4. A lot of flowers are available all year long, although spring flowers like tulips and calla lilies are more expensive if you'd want these after the spring season. For an affordable alternative, make your centerpiece with just a combination of different foliages - ferns, italian pittosporum, seeded eucalyptus, variegated ivy, etc. If it's a night time reception, use tea lights around your centerpiece. If it's a lunch reception, use ivory and green rose petals around the centerpiece.
  5. roses, gladiolas, lilies, carnations I know fresh flowers are preferred, but have you considered using silk flowers for your centerpieces? With everyone eating and dancing in a room which is usually dimly lit, most people will not look close enough to know whether they are real or silk. It is very easy to make up arrangements yourself and most floral craft shops will be glad to give you tips, since you're buying your supplies there. I also think a centerpiece of just 2 long stem roses standing together inside a slender clear vase with glass beads would be elegant and pretty. You could add tea lights around them as well. Congratulations!
  6. most plants flower in august (summertime) don't worry you will have plenty to choose from.A pearl of wisdom for a happy marriage is, be happy and never stop snogging, when you do the rot sets in.
  7. Colourful ones.

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