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What are some good ideas for handmade wedding invitations?

Wedding favors, bouquet arrangements, and wedding decorations also. The theme is black, white, and red.


  1. check out marther stewart web site there are templates etc on there for all sorts.
  2. Keep it simple, don't go overboard. When you go overboard, it starts to look like a home ec project. For invitations, you could simply have a b&w picture of you two faded in the background and have the print on top of it. For favors, wrap up candies in tulle and tie with ribbon or place in small white cardboard boxes and tie with ribbon. Bouquets can be easily made with just a bundle of flowers cut to the desired length, wrap a wide ribbon around the stems all the way from the bottom to the top, and secure with pins. For decorations, just place a few candles here and there, and have a few flowers in a low vase as a centerpiece. keeping things simple will not only save you time and money, but it will also give off an elegant simplistic vibe :)
  3. Blank card stock with black border and black print. Your initials together in a red monogram at the top. Bouquets: White flowers with black ribbon. For the bride, white and/or flowers with red ribbon. Decorations: Black and white theme with a pop of red on each table. Black and white photos of the couple framed in black frames sitting around the centerpieces. Favors: heart shaped cookie cutter in red bag
  4. red, black and white wedding photos for inspiration- http://hubpages.com/_BME/hub/GOTHIC-WEDDING

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